Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dida Dadu Park

Yesterday we discussed the concept of a dedicated park for Senior Citizens. I recently came across an article on the Nani Nani Park concept in Mumbai, Delhi and elsewhere. The concept is that we have children's park in many places but what do we have for the rising number of elderly persons, retired professionals or professors, corporate managers or officers ? Can we set up a user-management model where the users themselves - the primary stakeholders - will run the park on a day-to-day basis? Such a park may have yoga / meditation centres, spiritual and laughing sessions, table-top chess and open air cards, group discussions and golf cart, fishing and boating.
I have requested Chief Planner of Hidco to select a place in New Town where we may set it up.
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  Yesterday's Times of India's net version carried a story on Urban Planners from Kabul visiting Hidco. However, I didn't find it in the print version. Anyway, here is the link:
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Today's Times of India carries a story on Rabindra Tirtha inauguration. Here it is:


  1. Sir,
    First of all setting up “Dida Dadu Park” dedicated to elderly people is a remarkable step, first of its kind in Eastern India . To ensure full participation and good response, this kind of Model can be initiated in several crowded residential zones of the our city- like SaltLake , Central Kolkata. It can also get huge appreciation in other cities of Bengal like Asansol, Durgapur , Siliguri, where land for Public space can be readily available and convertible for time to time use with the help of Municipal Corporations.

  2. Good. Any suggestions on the name Dida-Dadu park?

  3. Great idea !

    How about..

    Sunset Park
    Twilight Zone
    Empty Nest
    Aasha Park
    Aashar Kiron

    Also, is the water body in AA-IIB earmarked for anything? If not, a small park could be planned all around it and we can have our Dida-Dadu park.

    1. Why not just "দাদু-দিদা পার্ক " which is direct and makes the objectives and access control clear...could be instant hit as well……but yes, if you want some কাব্যিক names, Arun's suggestions are good.."গোধূলী", "গোধূলী বেলা" "তপোবন" etc. could also be considered. Preferred that we keep a Bengali name only.
      Looks like Mumbai's Nana-Nani park authority are willing to help as well for concepts and design from experience:

    2. Classic idea. Really great. If possible, lets have more than 1 of them in New Town and also provison for them when HIDCO comes out with a land usage map for the erstwhile BRADA areas.

    3. I like the name "TWILIGHT ZONE", it symboliizes with the TWILIGHT years of our senior citizens.....

  4. Suryoday Park- to mark the beauty of life Ashaudyan,akankha,ashapurna park,prarambho,age is just a number and all dadu didas have to cherish the beauty of life rather than counting the remaining days of life.

  5. Great suggestions. Thanks to all. I'll consult with others too

  6. "Dida-Dadu" Park.Sounds real "cool". This empowers Senior Citizens with a sense of respect and ownership of the Park.In fact it would not be a bad idea to get them actively involved in coordination and concept development.An extension of the PPP mechanism where the monetary factor can be borne by the Government and activity developers.
    Community cluster management and Community vibrancy creation is a key social indicator of any growth process.It is how we look after our elders welfare ,value the huge experience bank at the same time infuse life extending care.
    On the subject of having a Multi tier research centre exclusively for Kabiguru is something that enable the future generations to identify with the gradually fast eroding Bengali ethics and social standing.If we are to look at the chaos and pandemonium persisting in the Vishwa Bharati Administration and management.This R&D outlet will be a good send for the future Ashramvites to continue with their pursuits.
    Ah another suggestion is to get the whole Campus Green.Run on green electricity and working on Global Best Principle followed in Green Campus's.With only 5 acres as the land Foot Print.A simple One Megawatt Hybrid system can look after all the consumption and water management issues.That is without doing a detailed due diligence on the building design itself.