Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pre Bid Meeting: Eco-Resort in New Town

I held a pre-bid meeting yesterday on the 5 acre eco-resort to be set up on PPP basis within the 480 acre Eco-Park in New Town, Rajarhat. There was a lot of enthusiatic discussion and the bidders made various suggestions. The responses would be posted on Hidco's website.
I explained that the FAR allowed was 0.20 which meant that most of the 5 acre plot would be green - in tune with the plan of the eco-park within which it was situated. Height of any structure would be upto tree height only, so as not to obstruct view. In its location within the Eco Park - where Hidco is investing a considerable amount - it would be an awesome project, I'd remarked.
In the afternoon yesterday, Debashis Gharai of Sakalbela walked in to my room. Here is what he wrote intoday's Sakalbela:

* * *
Today's Anandabazar mentions (among other things) that the last date for apllication for Financial Hub has been extended till 31st July 2012. A clipping:-
* * *
The Salt Lake-Rajarhat supplement of Economic Times given with Times of India contains this:


  1. For the financial hub, Sir, I really wonder why are we not creating a buzz by giving advertisements in leading national and international newspapers and journals? How on earth, a pension fund / hedge fund top brass sitting in New York / London / Dubai / Singapore going to know that a new financial hub is coming up in New Town , Kolkata? Is he expected to read Times of India or Anandabazar where HIDCO advertisement was published? We can also go about employing some PR firm , a technique that Narendra Modi uses.

    Restricting the height of eco-resort is a nice idea. Skyscraper within the park would have been really bad. What are our plans regarding the lake?

  2. @Abhisekh: I quote (once again) from Shakespeare in the context of the Financial Hub:
    "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
    Than are dreamt of in your philosophy"

    1. Yes Sir, I remember your reply. :-) I was also under the impression that there are perhaps multiple FIs willing to invest who wanted some more time to tide over approvals, administrative delays etc.But had again made the comment because ABP report seemed to give an impression that not much companies interested. Your reply reassures me. :-)

      I have another thing in my wishlist. Dont know what the complexity of the process but just expressing my wish. Can HIDCO take over the control of maintenance of 3 roads bordering the township.

      1. VIP Road
      2. Bhojerhat-Lauhati-Chinar Park Road
      3. Road in front of Aquatica / Sanjeeva Town ( I think its Hatishala Road)

      Also, any idea when NHAI is taking up the road widening of the stretch between Nandakumar and Digha?

    2. Hi Reader,
      These are absolutely good questions my friend. We are expecting but unfortunately not getting the proper answer.
      In Bangalore , three IT city are developed and having the proper infrastructural combination between ITPL to Sarjapur to Electronics city. And in Delhi also has the proper connection between Noida IT city center to Gourgaon IT city.
      In West Bengal the major problem is land acquisition an lack of planning for IT city and residential property.
      So please HIDCO think globally and execute those plan. We want to see that investment will come automatically and they can think about Bengal rather than any other city.

  3. Also came across this 6 year old report by Telegraph.

    I think work in in progress on the Chingrihata to MAR road and the E-W MAR is already done. So are we going ahead with the road connecting Bamanghata to MAR 1? Since it will be predominantly through East Kolkata Wetlands, land acquisition should not be troublesome. If Govt is going ahead with the 4 -laning of SH3 (Basanti Road)and trying to promote Kolkata Leather Complex - a second IT Hub, then we should be having multiple connecting roads between the 2 IT Zones.

  4. Sir I think Eco-Park is a great idea which would have a lot of educational purpose as well. Thanks a lot for this gift to us, the residents of Newtown.

  5. Thanks a lot Sir for your stupendous effort and vision of building our own beautiful Kolkata and Bengal.Sometimes I feel if all Bengalis everywhere can do something for Bengal ,we will again restore our previous glory.

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