Saturday, July 7, 2012

First e-Auction Conducted

Hidco successfully conducted its first e-Auction of a plot of land for setting up a 10+2 school. It was done by MSTC, a Govt of India PSU. The auction was quite crisp and the 2 acre plot was sold for Rs. 10.10 crores.
I plan to do few more e-Auctions soon.
* * *
Ms Nandita Chatterjee, Addl Secretary, MoEF, GoI held a site inspection of the Finance Centre Building in New Town where the National Green Tribunal will be located. This was followed by a meeting with Chief Secretary where some matters on Ganga pollution from Botanical Garden were discussed.
Quite co-incidentally, there is an article on Ganga Pollution in today's Anandabazar. Here is a clipping :


  1. Great work for e-auction. We know that this was your initiative and congratulations for that. :-) Also 10 crores for the school plot is also great .

    I disagree with you to some extent on the fact that if we beautify the river front, people will become more aware. We also do need to install dustbins at regular intervals throughout river front as well as in places like New Town so that people have places where they can throw stuffs like cigarette buds, cigarette packets, pan masala packets and other disposables.

    Also we need to have more pay and use toilets so that people dont need to respond to nature calls at any place they wish and simultaneously the police also needs to have the power to nab anybody and do spot-fine like stuffs.

  2. Sir,

    I would like to request you any updates on the following things:

    1. Trauma Care (1 acre) and Geriatric Health Care (2 acres)plots. The time for submission was extended upto 2nd July.

    2. Raghunathpur township development and the development of corridor between Durgapur and Raghunathpur?

    3. 4 laning of corridor between Nandakumar and Digha by NHAI.

    4. Beautification ( greening effort, footpath creation, landscaping etc) on VIP Road and BRTS on EM Byepass? As of now, BRTS work is progressing really slow and only trident lamps have been installed on E.M.Byepass and VIP but the beautification does not stop there.

    5. Repair of the Lauhati-Bhojerhat Road by PWD.

    6. Land for Synchrotron project of SINP.

    Also Flyover project in Kamalgazi, 4 laning of road between Patuli and Kamalgazi as well as creation of EM Byepass extension between Kamalgazi and Baruipur seems to have been stuck for ages. We also keep on hearing news about flyover at Ruby Hospital and Kalikapur and Chinar Park but did not get any updates on that.

  3. Looks like MSTC set-up a web page exclusively for HIDCO autions: