Monday, July 30, 2012

Hidco board meeting

We had the board meeting of Hidco today. Some of the decisions we took included (1) sculpture workshop with 10 noted sculptors in September (2) agreeing to part sponsor by Rs  500 lakhs the widening and  of   the Bhojerhat-New Town road by PWD (3) approval for e auction of two plots and opening of bids of Eco resort in Eco park (4) enhancing tender powers to engineers(5) approval of construction of senior citizens' park  (6) approval of butterfly garden and games in Eco park etc
Going to Hyderabad now. Writing this on my I pad from Kolkata airport


  1. @Debashis:Excellent initiatives.
    1:Sculpture workshop:This is a very important step with regards to bringing socio-eco-cultural connectivity.Suggest that in the workshop besides sculpture Artist,Activist and Academic be also involved to develop meaningful murals and artifacts,reflecting the sanctity of every installation.An International Forum on similar lines would be eventually sprout out of this convention.GR8 work.
    2.I cannot comment on the Roads as a total re Engineering of Roads and Standards are long overdue.This will provide technology adaptation and better world class roads.I highly recommend the World Road Authorities 2011 schedule be incorporated as the base.This will provide all involved.Especially the vendors to be responsible for quality of workmanship,timely completion and good long lasting roads.
    3.With regards to auction of Key Strategic plots .Not only should the highest bidder be given the opportunity,but it should be a pre requisite to follow up the financial bid with a techno-commercial executive concept of the construction to be undertaken in the premises.In fact this should be "biggest point", should the Point system be followed.This mechanism ensures that the developer is pre committed to all rules and regulation,abides by the environmental structure and has long term indicator of the project profile.Enabling City and Town planners to incorporate and recommend changes insitu.
    4.Enhancing the monetary cap for Engineers.It is a very welcoming idea for the Fraternity.However the main pointers to be kept in mind is the overall capacity build up of the Engineering department,practices and individual mentoring.The Engineering gap is the single biggest lacuna in the major govt set ups and endeavor.Various studies that we have been conducting indicates that developing a top class in house Engineering by Public Utilities and governments is the way of the future.Specially in a country like India.Where the infrastructure and common development facilities are often designed with bare basics as per the department schedules.Most of which are arcade .Eventual scrapping of this sytem by many government organisations in the last decade has produced excellent work designs and structures.
    5.A park /area of interaction and well being for Senior Citizens is an extremely good idea.However ,going by the Park Occupancy and utilization of such parks sprawling across Kolkata ,one will notice that either the maintenance schedule is lacking and or the Park is often out of bounds for the people and purpose it was constructed.Hence it is suggested that the Citizens Park have in built infra structure(like counseling,services and facilitation systems)within the Park.
    6.About 30 plus birds also have their home/migratory path over the East Kolkata Wetlands.The studies done by Ramsar and various other International bodies evidenced that the Wet Land management has very many lacuna's which needs to be addressed as part of housekeeping to maintain the sanctity of the wetlands.From its declaration in 1992 where 12500 hectares were identified.The physical and actual landmass under the wetland as it stands today is about 8000-1000o hectares.More over the increase in habitat along the wetland without proper planning has made the wetland among the most vulnerable bio overcapacity hot spot in the world.EWKM group had taken out the guideline for eco tourism based on this as per the SC order and lays down guidelines.I suggest that this should be used for all references with respect to Bio Diversity planning.A mini zoo with Local Community maintenance as practiced in other global eco park sites is a good reference.
    Have a safe and successful trip.

  2. Thumbs up for all the initiatives.

    I would like to give a special round of applause for the sculpture workshop and for enhancing the monetary cap for Engineers. The second one was perhaps more needed as we need more empowerment at the junior levels in Govt office to reduce the level of approvals and unnecessary delays.

    Fantastic inputs by CSR / CDM on all the topics.

  3. Abhishek:My account here for some reason does not take my name and is by default designated as CSR/CDM:)))I am Sauman.Cheers

  4. Sir,
    Would like to thank you and HIDCO Board for approving Rs. 5 crore for the Rajarhat-Bhojerhat Road. It truly indicates the comprehensive view that HIDCO has of an all around sustainable development of not just its own area but also of the areas surrounding New Town. Hope that PWD is able to fund the remaining Rs. 11 crore. We do understand that there are financial constraints.
    Syed Tanvir Hussain

  5. @Syed:The PWD can use tools like Green Road Corridor Financing with VER options.Funds and Financial modeling can be done .that is provided the PWD works and starts thinking out of the Box.Money available in plenty.But none will accommodate in the esisting system practiced by PWD.Unless they opt for advanced options.I think the gesture from Urban department to foot 5 Crores should be attached with a carrot to evoke better financial planning with the PWD:).