Wednesday, August 1, 2012

National Urban Information System

At NRSC (National Remote Sensing Centre) at Hyderabad, I attended the one- day workshop. It was great understanding how NRSC, a unit of ISRO, functioned and helped produce maps suitable for creating master plans and regional plans. The sample results of 4 towns of West Bengal were also displayed in the break-out sessions. It was great talking to top scientists face to face. I understood which maps to ask for if we were in a hurry and learnt of the Bhuvan website of NRSC. I now know better about web enabled GIS systems. Most important, I met the regional head of NRSC of Kolkata. It transpired that his office is now at New Town only: we had to travel half the country to get to know each other. We plan to do a state level workshop within a short time.
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Here is a clipping from Anandabazar:

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  1. NRSC integration with the NKN and Aadhar is underway too.Meaning Mobile Governance and Mobile monitoring real time 24/7/365 will be soon possible.So you can actually remotely monitor mobile application sets(may it be a building coming up or traffic data) on your smart phone.It is amazing what we come across about back home when we travel:).As Swami Vivekanada said"Seek and thou shall find".Incidentally I see that you live and work in Salt Lake City.Where I Stay and work to:)