Sunday, August 19, 2012

Amended New Town Building Rules : CCTV & Alarm

We'd made an amendment few months ago in the New Town Kolkata (Building) Rules 1999 wherein it was made compulsory to install Closed Circuit TVs (CCTV) and Security Alarms for all buildings in plots having size of 1 acre or more. This provision is verified while giving Occupancy Certificates. Recently I was reminded of this provision due to the shockingly tragic case of Pakhi's* murder. I undertook a review with NKDA officers and discovered that CCTVs and Security Alarms were installed in a dozen or so such bulk housings or commercial institutions. I have called for a fresh inspection and review.
(*See last clipping below)
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Here are two clippings from today's Times of India:

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* This is an older clip:


  1. The topic on CCTV was discussed during AMRI fire incident also in this blog ( Indeed sad incident at such a well-secured society. It was "soresher modhyei bhut", however apparently there was lapse from the employer agency doing background check of the culprit security guard.
    Making CCTV and Security Alarm along with fire NOC mandatory for OC is a welcome step. However, many housing societies do not maintain them after the "mandatory" step gets over due to high maintenance cost. Despite occupants being highly educated and well-informed society members, the priority takes back-seat till it hits hard an individual society – hence, it cannot be left to the “good sense will prevail”.
    Making a comprehensive annual security audit (CCTV, LIFT, FIRE and SECURITY)done, reported and displayed to society members mandatory by certified audit agencies can bring some continuity to the security threat mitigation supported by surprise checks by NKDA with hefty penalty/black-listing to both housing society and auditor agency in case of lapses.

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