Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Functioning of Rabindra Tirtha

We had the first meeting of the Task Force on Rabindra Tirtha. It was Chaired by Minister Firhad Hakim.  Saoli Mitra, Suvaprsanna, Jogen Choudhury and Secy I & CA Nandini Chakraborty were there. Among the decisions taken - after a considerable discussion - were:
(1) The first programme, consisting of three Tagore dramas, songs would start from 15th September.
(2) Hidco would appoint maintenance agency and security. A Rs10 entry fee would be imposed.
(3) I & CA Department would lend exhibitions on Tagore's views on education etc
(4) Tagore appreciation sessions would be devised in consultation with Rabindra Bharati University
(5) Unique souvenirs on Tagore would be developed and sold.
(6) I & CA Department would lend documentaries on Tagore for being screened
(7) CDs and Books on Tagore would be procured
(8)  Exhibition Halls would need furniture
(9) State of the Art Computers and digital archives with internet access would be installed
* * *
Here is a clipping from today's Times of India:


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  2. Correct decision to impose entry fee to RabindraTirtha as deterrent to nuisance entries and recover a fraction of maintenance/security cost. I hope this is not vetoed.

  3. Irony of this state is while RabindraTirtha was ready within a year; the ganga-water pipeline project is still in drawing-board, community markets and basic amenities are still to be provided! The bus-stops have pictures of 'monishi's (read tagore) but doesn't have an iota of information on bus-routes!

    As a resident of NewTown, I am happy that Rabindratirtha is getting ready - I could visit that in the evening with my family. But I would be happier if I get proper drinking water without negatively affecting the ground-water level of our area.

  4. Tender for water from Hoogly was published in Times of India and other papers on 21.7.12. It was invited by PHED (NTP Circle). The last date of application is 14.9.2012. The notice mentions that it is a Global e-Tender. Links are available in wbphed.gov.in

    1. Great to know this. Is this only for the New Town area or also for the areas around EM Byepass ?