Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hidco's Convention Centre Design

The concept design of Hidco's Convention centre that will be set up on a 10 acre plot was presented today. This is as follows:
3,000 seat capacity hall to be set up in New Town
* * *
I attended the inaugural session of the Institute of Surveyors.I gave the key-note address. I recalled my recent learning at NRSC Hyderabad and said that survey work for the Durgapur-Raghunathpur alignment was about to start within a month or so. Minister Firhad Hakim was also present.
* * *
I spent some time at Rabindra Tirtha site with all engineers. Quite some cleaning and finishing work remains to be done. I'll make another inspection tomorrow Sunday at 5.30pm.
Yesterday, Ekdin published a report on Rabindra Tirtha. Here is the clipping:


  1. 1. Convention centre design looks nice.
    2. Great to hear that Durgapur-Raghunathpur survey work is going to start soon.

    Do you have any update on the following things:

    1. Completion date for Total station survey of Digha - Mandarmani - TajpurSankarpur.
    2. Tajpur / Alampur centre
    3. NHAI Action on Digha-Nandakumar road widening?
    4. Arcelor Mittal investments in Digha.

    5. Preparation of DPR for Kolkata LRTS

  2. Any plans By West Bengal Govt to allow casinos in Digha? Seems like this is a state issue and can be a good money-spinner for the cash-starved Govt.

    Here goes an article on Goa casinos:

    Are you planning any proper public transport system for connecting Digha, New Digha, shakarpur, Mandarmoni, Tazpur? A system like monorail / LRTS / Heritage tram can be a good attraction if we can plan and market properly.

    It was heartening to see some development news related to VIP Road. About plans of road widening and foot bridge in Koikhali.

  3. Dear Mr. Sen,

    I am following up on my earlier comment to another post in your blog. Please make the International Convention Center happen. This alone can bring a sea change in the economy of Kolkata.

    The design is awesome. With the new airport (although managed terribly by AAI), the convention center must hapen in 1-2 years.

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