Saturday, August 25, 2012

"Magic Box" Underpass being planned

We have installed a new road sign on VIP Road. When coming in from airport, you take a sharp left turn to go to the city through New Kolkata. You pass the right turning flyover for traffic coming from opposite direction. The sign is in this flyover. Here is a picture that I took today afternoon on my way back from Kalyani:

Soon after turning right, you cross the Rajarhat Road crossing, a very congested crossing. We have been thinking of making a fly-over here but are getting thwarted due to the fact that Metro Railway will cross this junction on elevated rails: this will 'foul' with the flyover.
In Bangalore, I'd come across Magic Box Underpasses. Here, instead of flying over, one of the roads go under the other - which carries on its usual level course. We have invited RITES to do a feasibility study. Here is a concept of this kind of Magic Box Underpass:
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I went to Kalyani to participate in foundation stone laying ceremony of a Bus Stand under JnNURM. Here is a picture of the site where work has started:
At Kalyani: Press photographers taking our pics
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Here is a clipping from today's Anandabazar:
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Here is a clipping from Bengal Post of 24 Aug:
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Here is a link to a story in today's Times of India:


  1. Dear Sir,

    NOM, but whenever underpasses are built in Kolkata, those become prone to water-logging and related problems, including the new Patipukur underpass.

    Will magic-box underpass be able to overcome this problem?

  2. Yes underpass is a nice idea, no doubt. In fact, if you compare with Bangalore, Calcutta seriously lacks underpasses. But if you really want to make a junction signal free , then you need underpasses + flyover in that junction . The underpasses and the flyovers will remain at right angles to each other so that traffic movement happens smoothly in all 4 directions and no congestions will happen when vehicles take a left or right or U turn for which they will use the original road. This has been done in many junctions of Bangalore like Jayadava Crossing or the dairy circle crossing which have really become signal free now.

    2 points:

    1. I used to know NG-Airport metro will go underground before Chinar park crossing. Is it not so?

    2. Elevated metro will need to "manage" flyover at Parama Island crossing. How are they planning to do that?

    I want to stress again the original point and Bangalore is witness to this. Only underpass does not make a junction signal free. We need both underpass + flyover in that junction . In the way you are doing a fantastic planning for Rajarhat, I think this is the model to be adopted.

  3. I remember lots of newspaper highlights in Bangalore; when the government first introduced 'Magic Box' there. I faintly remember commenting about it in your blog long back.

    It is a good initiative - I hope the engineers take care of any possible water-logging issue.

  4. Underpass is a great idea. It is convenient for vehicle to use exclusive underpasses than asking people to use foot-bridges and underpass (many a times remains unused).
    Many years back, PCMC (Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation) which is one of the richest municipal corporation hosting automobile hub of Pune, constructed a series of underpasses on old Pune-Mumbai high-way approach and they really helped traffic flow.
    Most important is comprehensive traffic flow-transfer, entry-exit planning....following CMP has some maps showing some planning of roads there:

  5. Dear Mr. Sen,

    I have been following your blog for quite sometime and I deeply appreciate your efforts to keep fellow citizens abreast about the latest happenings.

    Regarding Kalyani development, I have a query:

    * The Kalyani Expressway is now being widened to 4-lane. However, it seems there is no plan to connect it to Belghoria Expressway for airport throughfare. In particular,
    could you please update us on the status of the proposed study by IIT Kharagpur on
    "Grade Separated Intersection at the Junction of Belghoria Expressway and Kalyani-Dumdum Expressway" [1]


    Thanks and regards,
    Golam M Hossain

  6. Sir I would suggest you that you kindly go through the conservation works done at Lake texcoco, Mexico City. My suggestion is to do something like that with the East kolkata Wetlands where the Hidco can adopt the Ramsar Site n conserve it and attach it to New Town's Green City agenda as the city is eventually to be built around it. This while ensures the upkeep of the Wetlands can turn to be a massive ecological boost to the city of Kolkata as well..... In later phases the whole urban sprawl can be connected with key areas such as It n Chip designing (hardware) at Sec -V n Bantala respectively and Analytics and International Financial hub at New Town with adjoining liveable areas.....this can then be a huge fillip to the whole urban area. Funds can be drawn from the companies who decide to reside n do bussiness here through there Corporate Responsibility Scheme..... I will try to attach there Project details later on if you wish to draw your attention to it......

  7. Pl give me more project details for me to think