Monday, August 27, 2012

One month to World Tourism Day 2012

There was a meeting by CM today regarding city's beautification matters. It was decided that World Tourism Day on 27th Sep would be celebrated on the theme "Dream - Green & Clean". I mentioned that we'll celebrate it at Digha. Later in the day, I had a meeting with Soumen Pal, EO DSDA. I told him to have a meeting involving the DM, SDO Panchayats etc. Here is a photo from the web on this year's logo:
* * *
A delegation of CII headed by the Director - Skills, Affirmative Action and School Education met me today to discuss about Skill Development. I told that a 5-storied Vocational Training Centre creating about 2.5 lakh sq ft is nearing completion and is expected to be completed within the year. I said that they could take it up with the Technical Education department to see how best it could be operationalised.
* * *
One Mr Jain - himself a Chartered Accountant - met me today to expedite his plot transfer in Salt Lake. He said he was ready to pay the govt transfer fees right away. He'd applied in the prescribed format a few days ago.  I have taken steps to expedite the matter and I hope it will be the first such case.
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Here is a clipping from today's Bengal Post:


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  2. After reading your blog entry, I googled "Digha tourism" and in the first 20 results, I did not find a single entry from any WB govt website ( including DSDA website) which is like a one-stop shop for all information on Digha and communication to Digha. Once again, it brings in focus, the same topic, which I had told about Financial Hub and the topic is marketing . I think in govt circles, it might be a very very bad and ugly word but this is the hour of the day to attract more tourists in Digha -Sankarpur-Tajpur belt, particularly in our state which is really cash - strapped and trying to promote tourism both for earning revenue as well as employment generation.

    A link from Frech tourism promotion website

    Incidentally if France which attracts the most number of tourists in the world, can think of promoting tourism to such an extent, I think, if we need to do some marketing at the national level, we should not have a reason to be ashamed. And of course, tourism campaigns should not be restricted to giving advertisement in local newspapers and local bengali TV channels.

    Vocational Training Centre is really a nice thing. But we should have a concrete plan to reskill the hawkers at this place to give them alternate skills.

    About plot transfer in Salt Lake, can we make this process online with the facility of uploading scanned documents? Since this is a revenue earning opportunity of the govt, we should not bog down the legal applicants with unnecessary delay and huge number of paperwork.

    Are we planning to have some PR firm to promote Digha as a tourism destination at least at the national level and give advertisements in national level travel magazines?

    Also any plans of introducing water taxi from Kolkata or a sea cruise in Digha? Casino can be a big game changer to generate buzz and it is a state matter. Goa has done it.

    Another update. Saw some photos of one of my friends in Facebook who went to Tajpur recently. At least in the snaps, the beach seemed pretty unclean. These things should be rectified at the very beginning.

  3. Saw this news.

    Really good one.
    However the original point still remains.
    We need to have a one stop website for all information peratining to Digha-Sankarpur-Mandarmani-Tajpur and online hotel booking and cab booking facility.

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  5. Like Goa, I hope tourism in Digha will be promoted with big-bang during Christmas......(Want to visit this year - missed last year as Digha fest got pushed after new year)

  6. We have received the intimation from your department today...will submit the fees on Friday...thanks a lot sir !!

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