Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rabindra Tirtha Inaugurated

I have very strong memories and emotions but am too tired to post now. The event went off well today. The weather held. Here is a picture by my driver Raju on my camera:
L to R:Firhad Hakim, me, Mamata Banerjee
* * *
The front page ad in Anandabazar / Telegraph today morning by Techno India drew some bizarre reactions:


  1. Great!Kabi tomaay pronaam.Want to see more pics of RabindraTirtha.

  2. Sir,
    On a lighter note, I had a bet with my wife long back that CM madam would try to induct you post retirement, the moment she decides to do some talent hunt for her party. And am sure that the entire West Bengal population would be happy the moment it becomes true.

    Not sure whether I would win this bet eventually, but today's ad did give some fillip to this speculation! :D


  3. And yes, Rabindra Tirtha did look wonderful today - great work. At our society (Akankha), we were discussing the same and we all had a lot of praise for you and your team for this wonderful work and the speed of completion!