Sunday, August 26, 2012

Save Ganga Campaign

For a long time, we'd been planning to have an awareness programme under the NGRBP (National Ganga River Basin Project).
I broached the concept last year, in July or so. I'd meant to catch the festival season to put in a message to the public. It was to continue till the Book Fair event ie Oct-Jan.
Then came the red tapes, the unceasing queries, how-do we-know-the-money wont-go-waste doubts. We called clear expression of interest, got presentations evaluated by a Committee, introduced checks and balances (photos, involvement of municipalities, video documentaries, official report etc). But these to-and-fro communications took their time. Finally, we started the campaign in April-May and today in culminated in a finale in Millennium Park. I felt contended to see the concept-to-reality unfold in real life.
We walked in the morning. Minister Firhad Hakim walked with us from Princep Street to Millennium Park along with Chunar De, Khalil Ahmed, Saidul Islam and others. In the afternoon, there were elocution contest, quiz, drama, dance drama and Bangla Band - all based on the Save Ganga Theme. Municipalities of Uttaprpara and Khardaha brought bus-loads of people to receive prizes from the Minister. Spectators were given calenders, mobile covers etc with the Save Ganga logo. Here is a picture that I took in the morning: the boat was travelling with us on the river, in pace with our procession.
 * * *
Here is the logo for Rabindra Tirtha designed by Suvaprasanna:


  1. Kudos for making the campaign a reality. This will definitely lead to an increased awareness.

    It will be enlightening to know that what all the things were covered / done during the campaign in last 5-6 months?

  2. Just now, I had a look at NGRBA website .

    It seems in West bengal we are only planning for construction of Ghats and River Front Development as a part of NGRBA whereas other states are building sewerage systems and STP.

    I looked at KMDA website for JNNURM projects for STP and it showed that as on 30th June 2012, for the 13 ULBs of KMA, we have made a physical progress of only 4 %.

    Sir, are we neglecting this area? How are we planning to drastically cut down industrial discharge, sewage discharge and stormwater discharge?

    Following 3 links might be useful.

  3. Logo looks great! However, the font used at the invitation-card for inaugural ceremeony for Rabindra Tirtha is clearer for print use and which can be used at official documents/communication etc. posted here:

  4. Sir,

    The leather tanneries in Bantala are also dumping untreated effluents into the storm water canals that eventually drain into the larger canals that flow all the way into the Sunderbans. Would this be covered under the NGRBP? Unfortunately, PCB is unable to make much headway in this matter. They are aware of the same and have taken due note of it too.


  5. NGRBA, as the name suggests, deals with Ganga. Canals and Sunderbans would be covered in other programmes.