Friday, August 3, 2012

Inauguration at 4pm instead of 5

The time of inauguration programme of Rabindra Tirtha on 7th Aug Baishe shraban will happen at 4pm instead of at 5pm. We are ringing up people to whom cards have already been despatched.
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Here are two parts of a clipping in today's Telegraph - on its weekly Salt Lke page:

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  1. Kudos for bringing so many Govt departments together and making so much progress even after that. I can guess the amount of effort that might be going on in your side in synchronizing the activities and ensuring the delivery. Great !!!!

    Are you planning to de-silt the water body and make it deeper? Not only will this help in recharging the ground water level but this can also ensure that we use this water body to store extra water ( flood / fire / water purification etc)