Monday, August 20, 2012

Six Community Markets in New Town : Status

Local neighbourhood markets are very necessary for a town to grow and to prevent haphazard unplanned stalls from sprouting up. As such, I'd taken an initiative to set up Community Markets in Action Area I and II. Initial two markets were designed through a competition. Later, the others were mostly designed in-house by NKDA. The locations are:

Action Area I:
BD-92 (2,000 sq m), CB-31 (1,530 sq m), DD-1 (1,204 sq m)

Action Area II:
IIB-1138 (2,000 sq m), IIC-1834 (1,338), IID-2929 (2,929 sq m)

A typical community market would consist of 5-6 vegetable shops, 4-5 fish stalls, 2-3 meat shops, 4 grocery shops, 4 stationery shops, 2 medicine shops, 2 doctors' chambers, a cafeteria, other conveniences such as book kiosk, milk booth, electrical goods, fast food, hair cutting saloon, sweet shop etc.
Parking, circulation and utility would be incorporated.
   In my review, I thought that in some cases the speed was too slow. I advised Chief Engineer NKDA to see how work could be expedited.
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Here is a clipping from today's Times of India:


  1. I can't thank you enough for the community market (especially in AA-IIC). I hope the new ones (in-house designs) would be as beautiful as the first two that you shared with us long back.

    Any expected date of completion for the AA-IIC market?

    Best Regards...

  2. Additionally, I think the design selected for AA-IB market is really beautiful.

  3. Fantastic update. This type of news is really soothing when we keep on hearing pessimistic information about West Bengal.

    It seemed to me that there is some discrepancy in the report. TOI report stated that tenders have already been floated for bringing water from Ganga. However I could not find that tender in the HIDCO website.

    Also I had a look at this document in KMDA website.

    Very nice planning. But other than JNNURM funds and selling of lands , what are the other ways we are planning to raise capital for infrastructure development? I think we can have plethora of options in that.

  4. I think we all know that if we have to fast track infrastructure development in the state, we need to raise huge capital and that too quickly. Then we can aspire to complete the projects little faster.

    Obviously plugging the most obvious and basic revenue loopholes like collecting property tax in new town, collecting fine from illegal transfer of land in Salt Lake , resuming the mutation and building plan sanction in areas where it has been stopped for a long time are the primary steps.

    But we need to think beyond these baby steps to mop up tens of thousands of crores quickly. That will also aid the state Govt to a large extent.

  5. I see that the Special Report on Bengal at TOI coming on Kolkata and New Delhi editions only, but surprisingly Mumbai edition was missing this which IMO was critical to get attention from business houses. I know TOI ad rates for Mumbai is the highest, but may be little compared to the criticality to reach target audience. May be govt can consider a repeat on ET Mumbai?

    1. Yes I completely second Avick's idea.
      We need to generate a buzz all across the nation and particularly in Bombay and Bangalore to get finance and IT related investments.

      This applies to the new financial hub advertisement as well.
      I found this here.

      But did not find this in TOI Bangalore, ET Bangalore etc. We need to circulate this type of advertisements in Bangalore, bombay , Delhi as well as internationally in different journals and magazines which are popular across the business centres.

  6. Another thing, which I wanted to say was since we are keeping environment friendliness and sustainability in mind for New Town, can we give some stress towards rain water harvesting in this area. Also we can stress towards usage of solar panels on roof tops and attaching them to the grid so that extra power generated can be supplied to the grid and the households can get some reduction in their electricity bill for positively contributing to the grid.

  7. Sir I see lot of hawkers encroaching in newtown area .Towards this end the initiative of community market is very good but controlling of hawkers is also important as they eat up the entire space of walking and also causes slow traffic and makes the zone untidy and accident prone ....please control the hawkers now otherwise they wont move .i was shocked to see the state just opposite Info space in newtown ,they have given an ugly look to the locality ..