Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Biometrc Attendance in NKDA too

Biometric attendance system was introduced in Hidco last year. It is functioning well. One has to swipe a card and put up the index finger for scanning and the time / date is recorded. I do it every day I enter / leave Hidco Bhavan - as do others. In fact, there will be a scrutiny at the time of the annual increment and the extent of increment may be influenced with the computerised attendance reports for each employee.

Last Saturday, MP Ms Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar inaugurated the bio-metric attendance system in NKDA. This is an even improved version: there is no need of any card. One only has to put one's finger on the scanner and the attendance is recorded.
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Here is a clipping from today's Times of India:


  1. Biometric attendance is a fantastic step.

  2. I will request you to implement or suggest this excellect system of attendance in Govt. Offices,colleges,hospital,etc. Then you can see WB growth in workforce will increase tremendously.

  3. Dear Sir,

    Off the topic, but this news came into my notice today.

    It says that Infosys issue is not yet sorted out and the project is on hold, whereas I have seen there is already a signage showing Infosys/Wipro near Tata Medical in New Town.

    We, the general public is confused about the status of these 2 projects. Today Wipro also confirmed that they are limiting themselves to the existing Sect-V campus as of now and the expansion in New Town is on hold.

    Below are the links:



  4. Digitization is always a welcome step and more so if we can increase productivity ( here I mean be faster) in case of delivery of governance. If things like paying tax , getting the building plan sanctioned gets really faster, if a citizen can track the status of his or her application online and know which official to contact at a certain stage, that will be a great help.

    Also we need to find a mechanism to start accepting scannned documents with some sort of identity proof. For any persons, taking a day off from his office hours and going to a Govt office for submitting some documents / for any other job is a big pain.

    I know you are a big fan of IT enablement in Govt offices, so writing to you with great hopes.I think the benchmark should not be national but international at least in New Town.

    Link to 2 articles, both written with a pinch of salt and both talks of exodus to bengalis outside home state.

    The first one is by an urban planner who proposes more dense development ( higher FAR).I think with the current infrastructure and some upgradation,we need to find a way to grow taller.



    We need to generate jobs in huge just huge numbers and finance is a sector which neither requires huge land nor SEZ status. Hope we get remarkable success in Bombay roadshow. Also do keep us updated if any company proposes to take up space in Finance centre / land in finance hub.

  5. I had noticed these small black devices in HIDCO office on the walls . Undoubtedly they are wonderful tools to improve attendance and possibly, productivity.
    A very good initiative which should be embraced by every Government department.
    I could also not help noticing the archaic system of handling files and the typical Government employee culture among the staff. On one issue relating to my dad's plot, I had to go to and fro the 1st floor and (I think)sixth floor offices three times in 2 days before I could speak to someone who had some information on my matter. I am still awaiting a response from the officer concerned, 3 weeks into my original application...
    Why don't we look at document archiving and computerisation of all individual files so that the officers concerned can find all information with the click of a mouse? Our IT companies have the capabilities, we know that, they are doing it for organisations around the world. Hidco could do it as a test case with other departments following suit.

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  7. @Debdeep Mukherjee: For the record, we just received a formal letter from Infosys requesting physical possession of the land from Hidco at an early date.

    1. Great! I hope there is a MUST BEGIN OPERATION BEFORE clause in the agreement so that they set-up shop to create job early as well with a mutually resolved SEZ issue. Otherwise, it may be just a mere formality to get the land they paid for going to their books as a premium line item in their land-bank pass-book.

  8. This is a great piece of news, no doubt.

  9. thanks to HIDCO on the initial approach made to Bosch to implement the state of art system solution their and must say the move towards biometric attendance system at HIDCO is appreciated.The technology deployed is a Dual Authentication process with Card & Fingerprint authentication and verification and its considered the latest and most preferred by the industry.Card is for User credential proof of employment in the organization and as par security body any human fingerprint being personal data shall be stored in its user card only...hence the cards with inbuilt memory can store user Fingerprints inside only and is safe and not being shared to anyone else...thats what is offered to HIDCO ,backed by State of Art Bosch Access Modular Controller & Futuristic Building Integration System Software..

    Thanks & Regards,