Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Blocks in Baisakhi Abasan

There are a few housing estates of the Urban Development Department in Salt Lake. These are mostly for government officers and staff though some exceptions are also there. Sraboni and Falguni are two popular ones. But the biggest, and perhaps the oldest, is Baisakhi. We are adding four new blocks in Baisakhi. These will be of four stories each. Since there are two flats in each floor, this will mean an addition of 2x4x4=32 flats.
I went to inspect the progress of work yesterday with UD engineers. Here is a photo on my mobile:
Additional towers in Baisakhi Housing Estate under construction
* * *
I hoisted the flag at Hidco Bhavan today morning, after hoisting it at NKDA. I had to skip the flag hoisting in Nagaryan Bhavan for UD Department so that I could be present at Red Road for the CM's Flag hoisting ceremony. Here is a snap of the flag hoisting at Hidco:
Independence Day 2012 at Hidco
* * *
Here is a clipping from today's Times of India:

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  1. With such a large number of violations, I think indeed Govt can hit a revenue jackpot if it can pursue the cases properly.

    So arent we building ground floor garage in the new towers in Baisakhi? If we are not doing this even in 2012, when 2/ 4 wheelers are common in middle class households in a metro city.... then I think it really becomes a laughable idea.