Sunday, July 8, 2012

Green Corridor

The Major Arterial Road from Technopolis (in Sector 5) to Haldiram (on VIP Road) will be a hoarding free, banner-festoon-free zone. Hidco/ NKDA/ District Administration will jointly monitor this. Here is a clipping from today's Pratidin:
No hoarding / festoon etc on M.A.R
Yesterday, around 1 pm, I was in the field when the convoy of Hon'ble Chief Minister passed by. I was supervising works on a new kind of fencing being contemplated for saving the landscaping from cattle. I turned back, but the convoy zoomed away before I reached the eco-park site where she'd made an unscheduled stop for a very brief while.
Usually, we've been using bamboo fencing but these are not standing up to the weather well. I advised the engineers to make the height shorter by about six inches.
* * *
The State Cabinet has approved a proposal for awarding work of constructing five Railway Overbridges. Here is a clipping from today's Bartaman:


  1. Now...this one is classic. Yesterday I commented that there has been no update on PC Flyover and you gave the news clip today. :-)

    Iron fencing looks great....definitely looks better than the bamboo fences.

    I got confused about the Kamalgazi ROB. There is no scope for ROB in Kamalgazi. There is one before Patuli for which the work has started 3-4 weeks back. In Kamalgazi, there is supposed to be a flyover connecting E M Byepass and E M Byepass extensions along Adi Ganga. Well.. that flyover in Kamalgazi was supposed to come up as a part of JNNURM project. Are we talking about the same project here or am I or the reporter misinterpreting something?

  2. New fencing is definitely way better than the cheap looking bamboo fencing. I am glad that WBHIDCO has decided to opt for iron fencing style. However, care has to be taken to maintain the iron fencing. Could we also get rid of the cattle at NewTown like we did in Kolkata many years ago?

    Another feedback, could white (LED based) street lights be installed instead of yellow sodium vapour lights. They look better and provide better comfort to motorists.

  3. Sir, a month back you had posted that a Committee headed by Chief Secretary was formed to recommend ways in which the area adjoining New Town can best be used.

    However land all around New Town , outside Hidco area , particularly, in the now shelved AA-4 area, is having unchecked and rampant construction by different builder groups.

    You can take a look at the most active and perhaps the only group in that area other than Unnayan Garden.

    This group is operating as "Astha Projects" and Leisure Country Club developers. They are creating complete unplanned township with 20 feet -30 feet roads and eventually these places beside New Town would make it look like another Kestopur beside Salt Lake.

    With BRADA no more, cant we lay down some rules for these developers that they need to get their townships approved by HIDCO and minimum road width, park spaces, footpaths, sewerage connections, electricity connections etc that they need to give?

    Does anybody want a big extended slum all along E-W MAR beside New Town because of lack of regulations?

  4. Also another thing I noticed along E-W MAR, that box drains are being created along the side of the road. Is it for the sewerage connection? If that is the case, why are we creating box drains and not laying pipelines of sufficient diameters for the future load? Even 100 years back, British Govt created sewerage pipelines and not box drains for Kolkata.

    Another 2 things I thought I would bring to your notice:

    1. The E-W MAR just after Unitech IT SEZ is having a very narrow stretch for a small distance. I dont think the design would allow this.

    2. Are we planning to upgrade the PWD road beside Kestopur Canal which gets connected to Basanti Highway? Along this PWD road, Sanjeeva Town and Aquatica is there and also many new unplanned hapazard construction is coming up. If we do not have any plans of regulating these townships, at least lets get that road upgraded so that to some extent we get the infrastructure to handle the pressure after some days.

    Also if these areas come under Hidco, at least some municipality tax would be there for the government. Currently these places are under Panchayat areas I guess.

  5. Sir,
    Is there any way to have a plot at kalyani from govt. I participated in lottery but not selected.Our CM announced nija bhumi nija griha scheme,as I have no home,presently I am residing at company quarter.

  6. Sir, No Blog updates coming from your for a pretty long time !!!! :-)

  7. Technically Bamboo fencing is the ultimate eco fence.not only that the strengths along the fibers are 19 times more then steel.It is unfortunate that the selection and proper engineering involved in pre treatment of Bamboo is never almost followed for these applications.If followed it becomes the most cost effective both on medium and long term benefit matrix. The mild steel fencing used is something of the world has given up and the progress is towards galvanized treated structures.Other alloys are used in Highway borders mostly Iron based.These alloys are lighter and much more and rust resistance.Mild steel fencing has the age old problem of pit corrosion,regular paint job and a design safety period of only 10 years.If that.Given the vandals that find a ready scarp market for them.Other options that we have tried in South East Asia and China for fencing public property is to use Polymer alloys.These have been standing up for the last 15 years,is cheaper and has no resale value.Another intervention was to make the people living along the roads to take responsibility of wandering cattle and livestock(biggest problem).Army spiked nets at select sites along with advocacy ,making people aware and responsible for their own herds.In early days of laying roads in Thailand a local fine was imposed in certain tracts to develop the culture among animal keepers to keep a strict vigil on the animals.The other option is to give a particular community complete custodian ship of a certain section.This works well, as people are meaningfully engaged and paid for their labor.Keep up the good work.