Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rabindra Tirtha in 365 days

I just saw my own blog-post in this site of August 2011. A link from Times of India dated 7th August 2011, mentioned in the post, is http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/kolkata-/Didi-announces-new-museum-in-memory-of-Tagore/articleshow/9510958.cms (the link works !). Today, it has been decided that the Rabindra Tirtha will be inaugurated on 7th August 2012 (22-se Shrabon). We are expecting Hon'ble Chief Minister to inaugurate. Hectic last-minute preparations are going on: there is still a race against time. I never knew there were so many tiny things to do - the audio system of the auditorium, the Central AC of the audio-visual room, the placement of the statue, the setting up of the exhibition hall, the landscaping, the pavers, the paint of the pool railing, the external wall paint etc. All of us are trying to put in their best efforts. Tomorrow I'll take a focussed meeting.
* * *
In the morning, I discussed about setting up of a park for the elderly. In Delhi and Mumbai these are known as Nana-Nani Parks. Some of these are running very well: I read a recent report how NGOs and ULBs are running these...I've asked our PMU to find out more details.
* * *
SE PHE told me if we could think of a low-cost machine that can convert plastic bottles into oil, it's called motor oil. This can reduce the menace of plastic bottles clogging drains. I have aasked for further details.


  1. Congrats Mr. Sen. I still remember your concern about the strict deadline when it was first announced and you sought different opinions...kudos to you and your team!!!

  2. Extremely commendable effort, Mr. Sen.

    Got to admit it, I was one of the sceptics. Happy to be proved wrong, though.

    Wish you could handle all the pending projects in Kolkata like Park Circus Flyover, Metro Rail Etc...

    I will be visiting Kolkata in Aug and would love to see the inaugration. Hope that the event will be open to the general public.

    1. I'll send you an invitation card if you mail me your local address in Kolkata

  3. I agree with Mr. Arun M. Wish that we would have similar far-sight for the rest of the projects underway in Kolkata. Everything in Newtown is being planned with a futuristic view and with a well defined master plan in mind. There is no doubt that HIDCO under you is working tirelessly towards realizing it and most importantly, in a disciplined manner. Know all know that not everything is within our control but a disciplined approach and focussed execution is all that is needed. Thank you sir! HIDCO and you make us proud.

    Syed Tanvir Hussain

  4. Dear Sir,
    I was wondering that HIDCO could jolly well create a mini-adventure sports park at the Eco-park or at some place else at New Town. This could comprise of:
    Mini flying foxes, dry-zorbing/water-zorbing, barrel crawls, tarzan jumps, balancing beams, paintballs, high and low rope activities (such as Burma bridge, Burma loop, horizontal net, swinging bridge, vertical net crossing, balancing plank, tyre swing, fire cracker bridge, and monkey trail) among others . It would create a great outing opportunity for Urbanites of Kolkata.
    Infact to begin with the following facilties could be introduced at the Eco-park:
    2.Water and Dry zorbing
    3.High rope activities such as Burma bridge, Burma loop, horizontal net, swinging bridge and vertical net crossing
    4. Low rope activities such as balancing plank, tyre swing, fire cracker bridge, and monkey trail
    5. Barrel crawls
    6. Tarzan jumps
    7.Balancing beams

    The city already has numerous gaming parlours, water parks and entertainment parks, but the what city dwellers desperately need is a real-time all-out physical, sporting cum adventure complex. And we could certainly begin with a pilot project.

    Kind regards,

    1. Good ideas. Will certainly think it over. But first let us build the basic infrastructure