Friday, July 20, 2012

Digha Spa and e-Auction again

The 3.24 acre land at Digha has been put up for tender again as there were only two responses last time. Here is the advertisement for setting up Spa & Health Clinic:

 I will hold the next DSDA meeting on 11th August 2012 (Saturday).
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Two more e-auctions will be held by HIDCO. One is for a car showroom and the other for an eye hospital. Here are the advertisements:

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  1. Came across this article in Telegraph.

    A direct copy-paste from the article:

    Ghosh Dastidar also said that beautification of a 91km stretch from Nandakumar to Digha is one of Mamata’s “dream projects” and that the government has appealed to the NHAI to take charge of the project.

    “We have asked them to submit the proposal. We will sanction it,” said Khandaswamy.


    So what is the plan for Digha-Nandakumar stretch? Are we planning to widen it to a 4-Lane road with funds from NHAI or are we planning to just beautify it?

    Has the state Govt submitted the proposal?