Friday, July 27, 2012

Recycling Construction & Demolition (C&D) waste

In the sphere of Solid Waste Management, we talk of organic wastes (kitchen waste etc) and recyclable wastes (plastic, paper etc). But about 33% or so of the Solid Waste generated are "inerts" ir concrete / brick aggregates. The Govt of India is now trying to evolve a way to handle the C&D wastes. In its letter no F.18/20/2012-W.1(DG) dated 28.6.2012, the Urban Development Ministry has urged all Urban Local Bodies to take a focussed view on disposal of C&D waste. It cites the example of Burari in Delhi where a recycling plant (500 tons/day) is already operating. GoI has suggested, among other things, setting up of recycling facilities in towns with more than 10 lakh population. I have already asked the Deputy Secretary to take this forward.
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Here are two clippings from today's Times of India:

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Yesterday, Aajkal brought out a small story on our "No Ad" roads of New Town:


  1. Fantastic post actually. TOI article gives a lot of positive vibration and it is heartening to know that water supply project to New Town is finally kicking off.

    About the hoarding ban in New Town, it would be great if we can get this enforced in VIP Road and EM Byepass. Actually if an outsider comes to Kolkata airport and takes a prepaid taxi, almost invariably he is taken inside the city through VIP Road and not New Town. This happens because of the shorter distance that the taxi driver needs to cover. So for proper beautification of the city, we need to have VIP road and EM Byepass as well in a proper shape.

    Came across the news of ADB funding of Kolkata Tramways project.

    Also the BRTS project has almost stopped and at places evicted encroachers are returning.Can we please fasten this up? This one is really long overdue.

  2. Also came across this news related to hovercraft in Haldia.

    Can we get this type of stuff for Kolkata -Digha travel through Hoogly and also for Sundarban tourism? I am pretty sure that this can become a big hit.

  3. Dear Mr.Sen.Kudos to you and your team on "Building Dreams". Best Bengal,Beautiful Bengal". I am delighted to hear that your planning and implementation schedule has embarked on a "methodological mechanism" using relevant tools,team and technology.
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    I will send you a personal mail introducing the "Resource and Repository" and real time R&D models for your and your departments perusal.
    Best Regards
    Sauman Das Gupta
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    1. @CSR: Became a member of the Facebook page. Nice initiative.

    2. @Abhishek: Could you kindly share the URL of the FB page?

  4. Thanks Abhishek.:Soon we will integrate it with Grid Computing and cluster clouds.So all Researchers and Collaborators can communicate in real time:). Keep following the updates!.