Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Judicial Commission and Green Tribunal in New Town

I inspected the Finance Centre Building near the Eco park in Rajarhat New Town yesterday. The fifth floor has two wings, each of about 5,000 sq ft or so. One wing will house the Green Bench Tribunal and the other the  R.N.Roy Judicial Commission constituted by the state government. I requested the Chief Engineer to quickly do up the floorings, false ceilings and AC.
The building offers a breathtaking view of the Eco Park, just across the road to Airport. Here is a shot from my camera:
Eco Park from the Finance Centre Building
 * * *
Today's Times of India carries a story on the New Town's green efforts:


  1. I request you to take urgent measures to move Autos into service lane. The autos are stopping even in the middle of the road to pick passengers.I hope they understand that it is not MG road but an express way, god forbid if an accident happens due to fast moving vehicles on the road. Saw some near misses recently. Kindly take steps before an incident. Regards Jayanta

  2. I'm alerting traffic police suitably

  3. Sir, I would like to thank you and the government for envisioning and developing the excellent and modern township of Newtown. I have travelled to many countries outside India and I think that Newtow's vision and planning is at par with any International city, if not better. However, unfortunately the same lawlessness exists in the streets of Newtown as in the streets of proper Kolkata. Pedestrians are everywhere on the road except the footpaths. The shuttle cars, autos, taxi & buses flout every rule in the rule book. Cycles and van rickshaws ply on the major arterial road in-spite of good service roads being available. The shacks and hawkers encroach on the footpaths as soon as they are built.
    Sir, you are building a magnificent township and I humbly request you to strictly enforce laws so that it can be maintained as beautifully as well.

  4. Is Hidco planning any skill development / upskilling of hawkers and van rickshaw drivers of New Town? As far as I know, there is an acute shortage of masons, carpenters, plumbers , electricians, drivers etc in and around Salt Lake and New Town. We can re-deploy a sizable workforce in these professions.

  5. A vocational training centre is being built and is nearing completion

  6. Just read somewhere that Dr. Amit Mitra is heading to USA and UK on his government's first business mission.
    It may be a good idea if he showcases the Financial Hub in his interactions with NABC, USIBC and UKIBC ...