Sunday, May 27, 2012

Butterfly Garden and Bus for New Town

Yesterday, I, along with Saurabh Chaudhury, Conservator of Forest, visited Bonobithan, Salt Lake to see Wild Flower varieties (lantana, polygonaceae) , orchids (I never knew that one could grow orchids in Kolkata) and butterfly garden. I talked to Suman, GM-IV, to see if the wild flowers I saw the day before could be used in some patches in our Eco Park.
While in the butterfly garden, I 'liberated' a Tiger Butterfly from a bottle: it had just hatched from the larva in the laboratory and I was asked to open the lid. It was a pleasure seeing the new-born butterfly fly away.
Today morning, I took this picture of the butterfly garden on my Blackberry 9900. I hope to build a butterfly park and a NIC (Nature Interpretation Centre) in New Town's Eco Park.
Open Butterfly Garden at Bonobithan, Salt Lake:
 It is quite difficult to capture the picture of a flying butterfly with a Blackberry camera, I found !

* * *
I spoke to transport secretary B P Gopalika yesterday. He assured me that two circular-route buses will ply from Monday. I talked with Sutirtha Chakrabarty of Pratidin on this. This is what he wrote today:


  1. Butterfly garden - I double like this initiative. I really envy your opportunity to indulge and involve in such green programmes of saving and conserving nature. I am sure that many of us in this blog would have more than loved to be involved in such things, but anyways its also great bliss to learn that such things are happening.

    As far as orchids are concerned, several species of dendrobiums, ascocentrum, vandas, cattleyas grow in our climate. Specially Vanda orchid is a renowned name in Indian mythology. Thailand, which has similar tropical cimate like ours is i guess now the second largest exporter of orchids. But Kolkata nurseries have recently started rearing them. Till date they have been re-selling after importing them from Thailand. In the Eco-park we can have an orchidarium, like we have in Shibpur Botanical garden. For a change, you can get a Phalaenopsis for your living room.

  2. Very nice initiative and proves Kolkata is not lagging behind in modernisation.Love nature always and colourful butterflies will be a delight to watch.