Saturday, May 12, 2012

Food Court

This is what I emailed to Gopal Ghosh, CEO NKDA today morning:
"...We may have ground-level food courts near office complexes and also time-shared movable kiosks.
See Sakalbela p3 dt 12.5.2012.
I will be happy to get a plan of action
- DSen..."
And here is p3 clipping from today's Sakalbela:
* * *
Today's Bartaman carried this (not all of it is the whole truth though):

* * *
I went to Durgapur with Partha Das, Arijit Sanyal and Sutanu of PMU. We went to see the Durgapur Haat. We will build an urban haat in Eco Park:


  1. The movable food kiosk is a nice idea. And thats time shared will make it all the more attractive. Great. We should actually go for it soon.


    1. The scanned images of the newspaper clippings were really small. So it was not readable.

    2. Durgapur Urban HAAT gate is nice. So what are the items we are planning to sell there?


    1. Sir, any plans of slum re-development / old apartments and houses refurbishment we are planning in Kolkata? I think if we can do these things in North Kolkata properly and promote it as "OLD Kolkata walk" or "Heritage Tour" or something like that, that will be great. Also this is needed in VIP Road stretch as outsiders enter the city through that road. Currently VIP Road is really very dirty and the houses on both sides are also in dilapidated condition.

    2. Any plans of starting mechanized cleaning of Kolkata roads in a big way? We really need this to reduce the amount of dust in the city.

    3. The number of new hawkers should be controlled strongly. Currently a large number of them has appeared in Southern Avenue near Vivekananda Park.

    4. Any plan of action for Riverside beautification from Baje Kadamtala Ghat to Babughat and beyond?

    5. Sir, any updates on Kolkata Eye and Marina?

    6. Durgapur Dam can also be made a place for tourist attraction. However there seems to be no plan for that. Moreover the road from NH2 to Durgapur Dam is also in a pathetic state.

  2. Reg (1): Image changed; I hope it is readable now

  3. Yes, this is more definitely more readable now.
    I ggogled and figured out about the URBAN HAATs.

  4. Sir
    Is it mandatory that only hawkers can apply for these stalls?
    Can an middle income group individual who wants to set up a concept food kiosk , apply for the same.
    What is the procedure to apply for these food kisok.
    Thanks and Regards
    Neel chatterjee