Thursday, May 24, 2012

e Auction of Plot for Secondary School at New Town

Yesterday I had a detailed discussion with Finance Director and acting CMD of MSTC. This public sector company specialises in e-Auction and is conversant with all GoI procedures. Though normally it does the e-Auctions for the Power, Coal and other sectors, it has also done few e-Auctions for land.
I have requested them to give a specific proposal for the e-Auction of one plot of land for a Secondary Scholl at Rajarhat. I hope to place it in Hidco's Board meeting on 28th May.
* * *
Here is a clipping from today's Bartaman:
I am planning to set the stalls at the location where GM-II's office was earlier located - bang on MAR, close to site of eco-park.


  1. Can we think of some promenade shops within the eco-park? i think that would have given the tourists the opportunity to buy souvenirs, eco-products, or fruits as is mentioned in the above clipping.

  2. It is planned, in a different manner

  3. Auctions does appear as a safer choice considering too much of noise made now-a-days on executive decisions on transparency, however health, education and other basic public needs also needs special consideration of affordability of public in general. I hope that equation is put somewhere in this e-auction process making balances as important as checks.

  4. Good to see that another school is being planned. Just having one school was not enough, considering future needs.

    e-Auction is a great idea and definitely curbs corruption. But, kindly ensure that the school doesn't burn a hole in parents' pockets to recover the high auction price.