Sunday, May 6, 2012

"History of Electronic Voting in India"

On 27th April, I was invited by the Centre for Psephological Studies, Rabindra Bharati University, for a wokshop. This was to start at 1 pm. Though I'd agreed, I couldn't be present because same day same time I was to be present at a Cabinet Committee meeting.
I'd, earlier, submitted a paper. This was published and released on that day. The booklet, called "History of Electronic Voting in India" was handed over to me few days later by Dr Prabhat Datta :

The book contains 20 pages. I'd written it some time ago.
* * *
Today's Bartaman carries the following clipping on SBI's land at New Town:


  1. Congratulations Mr. Sen.... :-)
    Can we have a paper from you on History of Development of Urban affairs in Bengal and the different challenges faced? That will give a holistic perspective to the citizens.

  2. That'd be a rather too broad a topic, I think

  3. Yes...I can guess.... Perhaps you can concentrate on few towns... That will also be pretty insightful to people like me. :-)

  4. I would be interested to receive a copy of your book (preferrably electronic?) please contact me at robert.krimmer (at)