Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Signage on VIP Road

We changed the signage on VIP road near the Haldiram right turning flyover. So now flying in to Kolkata and headed for the city, one would know which road to take at the fork :


  1. Was impressed with visual treat of consistencies of these Trident lampposts (as seen on the photo) all over Kolkata (including NT MAR towards Finance center) and few suburb Municipalities as well this time when I visited Kolkata and a town nearby. Nice idea from CM that was professionally implemented. Do they have CFL in them and what is the Watt (light seemed little low but did not matter as two posts were close)? Can they be fitted with timer to reduce human interaction of switch on and switch off on time daily?

  2. Great..... We need these type of signages all over Kolkata. This is really missing in Kolkata. Also needed is big wide pavements all across VIP Road and E.M.Byepass

  3. @Avick: Yes, the trident lamps contain CFLs. At New Town, we are exploring LED light use on streets.

    @Abhishek: Yes, would be good