Friday, May 25, 2012

Digha Gate, LED Street Light & Wildflowers

In the Eco-Park that we are constructing, there is a zone called "wildflower zone". I've been wondering what we could do in this zone. Today morning, in course of my morning walk, I met Rajib Mandal of Bagnan who was selling these cute coloured flowers. I asked the names: he said: I don't know, some call it bluebells, some call it wild flowers.
I took his mobile number. Bought a few specimens at a princely sum of Rs 10 and said that I might contact him next week. Here is a photo:
Wild Flowers for Eco Park?

* * *
At 8.30pm, on our way home, I and Mr SPChatterjee, CE(Electrical) Hidco, went to the Main Street of Financial Hub. We have planned to put up state-of-the-art environment friendly LED street lights there. Two posts had them installed: I quite liked the soothing white light in contrast to the foggy yellow sodium vapour lamps in the other posts. No doubt the LED streetlights are more expensive but I guess we must invest for a greener tomorrow.
* * *
The panel saw and judged the entries for the Digha Gate. They selected two designs. I liked them both. Design orders will soon be given. I plan to put the photos soon (Here it is:- )

Proposed Gate at Digha : Award winning entry (selected)


  1. Eagerly waiting to see those Digha Gate designs..

    Sir please let us know about the road infrastructure in and around Digha and connectivity to new locations like Tajpur.. sometimes back you mentioned of starting the upgrade process..any progress on that? Thanks.

    1. @Abhishek: This is a piece of news that I had come across a month back about the infrastructure development of Digha.

      It was really heartening to see that survey work of sewerage and drainage had been completed and a proposal to build up an advanced sewerage and drainage system in Digha has also been sent to the state government.

      Now Mr. Sen can give an idea that when are we tentatively starting the work.

      Also it would be great to know that how are we planning to do to supply potable drinking water to these areas? Do we have any plans of filtering the sea water or are we planning to supply purified water from any nearby river?

      Also Sir, is there any progress on the cable landing station in Digha?

  2. Mr Sen, Looked at the snap. These can actually be classic example of native wildflowers. Looks nice.

  3. Sir, the plans of health spa, cottages , ropeway, night safari, underwater sports and amusement park will make this destination a fantastic weekend destination for people of Kolkata.

    However to take it to the national level like Goa or international level like the beaches of Europe, we need to make it a complete town with all modern amenities as well as places for art and culture.

    Also we need to make the journey from Kolkata to Digha a very pleasant one with big, wide non-potholed roads with theme villages on either side.

    So do we have any plans of :

    1. Reducing the travel time from Kolkata to Digha through national highways and Kona Expressway, particularly for the stretch after Kolaghat?

    2. Introduce water taxis via Ganga and the sea?
    I think option of hovercraft will be very nice in this case.

  4. Thanks for the links..Gate photo added

  5. Sir, the gate photo is simply awesome. If we really plan to develop Digha to a major tourist and commerce destination in South Bengal, we really need to send the message right across through a majestic gate like this.

  6. Sir, do we have any plans of developing floating party destinations like this in Digha?

    These type of stuff would draw large number of tourists and also help the Govt in augmenting the revenue.

  7. Mr. Sen, you can get a glimpse of the small hovercrafts from this video whose link I have given below:

    Take a look at the video between 2:04 minutes to 3:20 minutes.

    They really look nice and can serve as water taxis between Kolkata and Digha or between the different beaches of Digha, Madarmani, Tajpur and Sankarpur .

  8. f we really want to take it up to the international level, here are some of the links:

    The famous Amalfi Coast in Europe:

    A view of the a coastal town in Florida, USA, a state which attracts largest number of international tourists and tourism-related investments.

  9. So Sir, are we planning to create any balloon ride in Digha Belt? This can be a great tourist attraction.

    A 6 year old link related to Florida:

    And this one:

  10. May be, we can also go for a beach convention centre which will help Digha to draw the corporate crowd across Asia.

    Something like this:

  11. Nice 'Wildflowers' - from the picture it looks similar to "Flowering Quince", but i am not sure. A closer picture of the flower might have led to right identification, but yes these flowers bloom profusely and a delight to watch. I can also suggest, grass beds filled with rain lillies of 3 colors. If there are any undulating landscapes, these would create a heavenly effect like the valley of flowers - wish so.

    Mr Sen, is there any special significance of this gate design? In one angle it looks like a rose petal, and on the other hand it looks like a boat with a sail. Maybe wrong..

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  13. @john: Thanks. Just visited your website too

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