Thursday, May 10, 2012

Markets in New Town

Zeeshan of The Telegraph spoke to me yesterday. Here is what he wrote today :


  1. Yes...this is a great step indeed. I am sure New town residents would welcome it. :-)

    Also we should think of removing the illegal encroachments all around New Town. Whether its near Police Station or near the DLF IT Parl-1 in AA1, there are quite a large number of shanties and hawkers who encroach the footpath. Either we should rehabilitate the hawkers in the upcoming markets or do something else rather than allowing them to operate from the footpaths.

    1. Construction of markets in Newtown is indeed a good news and was long overdue. I thank HIDCO for this belated initiative.

      In addition, we,the residents of Newtown need some public religious places to meet the spiritual/religious needs. I would request HIDCO/NKDA to consider alloting plots in each Action Area for to known religious organizations. I also made similar request previous NKDA chairman in one of his public interactions,who promised for favourable consideration but no status is available in public domain

  2. Also we should maintain these markets properly when they come up. It should not become like the dilapidated markets in Salt Lake.

  3. Better late than never! I am glad the community market construction is in full swing.
    I saw their beautiful designs in your blog and I hope that there is a scope of future expansion; when Newtown's population increases. I also hope that they don't become clumsy like the community markets all over India; but remain clean, hygienic and world-class - apart from being cost-effective.

    Hidco's progress has been pretty impressive since last year. I am looking forward to the day when the residents of action area II would also have the markets, milk-booths, post-office, play-grounds, parks, community halls in Action Area II.


  4. I told NKDA to give attention to AAII

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  6. Sir
    If some one wants to apply for one of this shops , what are the formalities.

  7. Sir,

    Along with these markets coming up, hawkers have already started infesting the area (AA 1). They have already filled some places with filth as they normally do. After few years they will ask for compensation/rehabilitation as usual if they are asked to vacate.
    Why not nipping the problem in the bud? New Town as a token in Kolkata can be made as the 1st place which is hawker-free and a strict no-no.

  8. Not decided, but most probably there may be some kind of lottery