Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Najrul Academy & File Tracking

Met poet Joy Goswami today afternoon at Sisir Mancha. I met him in his capacity as Chairman of Najrul Academy. Bibhas Chakraborty and other members were also there. We discussed about 25th May's function as also the architectural designs of the Najrul Bhavan. Was quite impressed by his politeness and gentle approach.
* * *
Also went to the Merchant Chamber of Commerce to have an interactive session on Real Estate trends in West Bengal. Though I carried a PowerPoint presentation, there were no laptop or projector (I was carrying my pen drive). I spoke from the hard copy but thought it went off reasonably well.
* * *
Here is what Sakalbela wrote today on UD Department's e-Filing & Tracking system:


  1. Nice one. The online "File Tracking & Letter Tracking" will help the govt in faster implementation of the projects.

  2. Say a citizen sends a letter (online form or post or e-mail) to HIDCO/NKDA which goes to letter-tracking system. It will be a delight if that can be tracked down with citizen's mobile or landline number later through common NKDA citizen's helpline. For that, citizen must mention his/her name and number in online form or at subject line of e-mail and/or the envelop as From field.
    May be I am talking about basics which is given.....but complex systems often miss basics.......


  3. Very very nice decision.File & letter tracking definitely will speed up the implementation of activities in govt sector.
    In this context, I beg few valuable minutes from you to make you aware:
    We, Dr. Tapas Mandal and Smt. Banani Mandal (transferees) of a leasehold property at B-14/453, Kalyani, along with Mr. Arun Kumar Sen (transferor) have applied to the Estate Manager, UDD, DC Building, Kalyani to transfer said leasehold property in the month of November, 2012 with all necessary documents as suggested. The Estate Manager has sent the application (Ref. No. 435 dated 12/03/2013) to your office of Urban Development Department, Nagarayan.
    I am an associate professor of a university pursued the matter personally and on the other hand Mr. Arun Kumar Sen, the transferor, is a retired (80 yrs old) Chartered Accountant, had the matter pursued many times at the Kalyani office. My teaching and research schedule and Mr. Sen’s ill health and old age are barrier for physical persuasion of the matter at Salt lake Office.
    We are sure you will understand the problem. We would be most grateful if you would kindly look into the matter and issue the necessary permission at the earliest.

    Key information
    1. Transferees :Dr. Tapas Mandal and Smt. Banani Mandal
    2. Transferor: Mr. Arun Kumar Sen
    3. Leasehold property address: B-14/453
    4. Ref. No. 435 dated 12/03/2013 (The Estate Manager has sent the application to your office of UD Department, Govt. of WB, Nagarayan
    5. 135 days
    Best regards,
    Dr.Tapas Mandal
    B-2/228, Kalyani, Nadia, WB