Thursday, May 31, 2012

Corridor Development at Raghunathpur

Raghunathpur is close to Asansol. Already DVC is constructing a 660x2 MW power plant. There are two Industrial Parks planned too. Most importantly, the rail and road connections and proximity to mines and Asansol make it a good candidate for developing it as a planned township with a focus on industry. A planning exercise has started. I went to Raghunathpur yesterday and had a detailed planning exercise with DM, SDO, BDOs, MLA, DVC and Railways. MARS, the agency, made a presentation. I thought that the corridor from Asansol and the 4-laned road to be made by DVC can act as an ideal magnet for a corridor-led ribbon city development. Here is where the meeting took place:
At Gar-Chumuk, Raghunathpur where we had the meeting.

* * *
At Purulia circuit house, after my site visit to Saheb Bandh Lake for its conservation, I spoke to two journalists from Pratidin and Sakalbela, whom I'd met earlier in my Chief Electoral Officer days.
Here is what came out in today's Pratidin and Sakalbela:


  1. This is a real fantastic initiative. Lets come up with a DPR as soon as possible and we need to market this properly as well to attract investments.

  2. Rome wasn't built in a day, though

    1. I know Sir...I know.... I am one of those Bengalis who had to migrate out because of job opportunities outside. Still has got a lot of attachment with the state and really wish a slew of investments and employ opportunities in the state. I really wish we change the perception of Bengal in the national and international level.

      But yes, there is a difference between wishful thinking / off hand conversation and ground level execution. I know these type of things take time.