Sunday, January 6, 2013

Art in Artists' Cottage

Yesterday, Managing Director of an Ayurvedic Centre in Mysore met me at Hidco. We are toying with an idea of having a health spa in the island at Eco Park (Prakriti Tirtha). I took him around the Park in the evening. He seemed to be quite fascinated with the concept. I also took him to the Artists' Cottage and showed him the painting jointly drawn there on 29th Dec 12 by Jogen Chowdhury, Suvaprasanna and Mamata Banerjee also containing caligraphy by Dwijen Mukhopadhyay and Joy Goswami. Here is the photo taken by me there:
Oil on Canvas: Untitled
At Artists'Cottage, Eco Park Dec 2012
We will frame it once the oil painting dries properly.
* * *
Here is a clipping from yesterday's Khabar 365:


  1. 31st January deadline is approaching fast and we expect another good round of updates about the national level financial companies expressing interest in the financial hub.

    Health Spa in the island is definitely a very good idea. So are the ideas of bio-toilets, car parking space , garbage bins, more shops in food zone.

    Garbage bins should be present in all the roads of New Town at regular intervals.

    More number of entry and exits are definitely required. While returning from Kolkata, as I was passing by Eco-Park, I observed the following:

    (a) Boundary wall is fully not constructed. Queue was huge and people were entering without buying tickets from the places where boundary wall is not there. This revenue leakage must be stopped.

    (b) Huge number of cars were parked on the service road. HIDCO can actually make a killing by allowing parking inside the park and stopping parking inside the service road.

    1. Yes, as I mentioned in the previous post in the previous topic, the car parking is very small as compared to the need, that too is built by concretizng a portion of land. We need car park, but definitely not by sacrificing greenery urgently. We can use eco-friendly tiles with grass cover and a multi-level undergrond parkomat.

    2. Really good idea Debdeep. A Parking space of 1000+ cars with proper parking fees is the need of the hour. This is what should be done and after that parking should not be allowed on Service Road.

  2. I think a 10-15 min parasailing is also possible in Eco Park given the lake size. That will be huge hit if prices are reasonable (unlike Digha, in Goa rates are Rs. 500 for 20 min). However I am not sure about the airport authority permission.

    Also a part of the Eco Park can be used for big fat Indian wedding. There is an acute crunch of open marriage spaces in Kolkata and most have no other option but to choose Venue as Nalban or PC Chandra Garden ( opposite to Science City on EM Byepass).

    This along with some open air pubs can boost revenue for HIDCO from this park after this huge investment. Pubs / night clubs have their own security issues ; however that can always be managed with designated entrance / exit and presence of security personnel.

    At the end of the day, the park should be self-sustaining in terms of revenue and it should not happen after few years, we are hearing HIDCO does not have money to maintain the park.

  3. An Update little unrelated.

    This is related to Digha-Mandarmani.

    A friend of mine from Bangalore visited Digha-Mandarmani recently and this is what his feedback is:

    1. Number of ATMs are very less in Digha. He was telling there are only 3 of them out of which 2 were not working and the last one has a huge queue. This can be of real inconvenience to the visitors and I think this should be addressed.

    2. Mandarmani, he told, is yet to be electrified. I think this is just too much if we are planning to promote this as a tourist spot at the national level.

    3. Digha to Mandarmani travel time seems to be 2+ hours because of bad and narrow roads. Can this be rectified by DSDA? I am assuming Digha-Mandarmani coastal road is not going to happen soon.

    1. On top of this, the road to Mandarmani also does not seem to be at least a proper 2 lane road ( I am not even talking of a 4 -lane road) . Sir, I think, this needs urgent attention after Panchayet elections.

  4. Read this.

    Land acquisition before Panchayet Elections can stop new road work. But Sir, this is just too much.

  5. Gujarat's Financial Hub: