Saturday, January 26, 2013

Boimela Sarani

The 55m long underpass connecting Science City to Book Fair Ground was inaugurated today afternoon by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. This was named "Boi-Mela Sarani" by her later at the Book Fair inauguration venue. Here is a picture of the Boi Mela Sarani entrance minutes before the inauguration:

The Book Fair inauguration followed. Here is a picture from my camera:
Soon after this, I saw Chandalika at Rabindra Tirtha. Here is a picture:
In the morning, I hoisted the National Flag at Nagarayan (UD Deptt), Hidco and NKDA. In Hidco Bhavan, traditionally, two flags are hoisted. Here is a picture of the flag on the 4th Floor:
* * *
Here is a clipping from yesterday's Telegraph (Salt Lake Page):
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Here is a clipping from Ei Samay few days ago:
 On 22 Jan at Delhi, I met few key officials on Monorail Project Proposal. They were:
Sudhir Krishna, Secretary, MoUD, GoI, Gajendra Haldea, Advisor Planning Coomission &
Prabhat Misra, Joint Secretary, DEA, MoF, GoI


  1. Cricket Academy is a good initiative . A similar thing can be setup for football as well. I am sure that will also be liked by the IT professionals.

    Sir, any update on the EM Byepass road widening? That project is languishing for years.

  2. Sir will people use the Subway.. making subways is a good thing but so many subways are lying unused, jadavpur, tolly metro etc. can the police take proper measures to make people use them ?

  3. I think Boimela Sarani is being used fairly well

  4. India's first monorail successfully ran in Mumbai, to become operational in August

  5. Sir, i was just casually looking at New Town through Google Earth and realised that there is an immense potential of creating water corridors, as in canal links facilitating navigation of small solar powered water taxis that can connect Sector V to VIP Road via Eco Park ( Eco Park can be made an excellent green breathing space with world class Food Joints at the Food Court where Blue and white collar employees alike can take a break between their busy schedule for lunch- with Eco Park's strategic location near the International Financial Hub and the upcoming KMOMA and already present Rabi Tirtha)! Other networks or canals include connecting Sec V to Lake Town and beyond ( North Kolkata)and may be connecting to the West Bank as well, one going down south to E.K.T.P and beyond to Jadavpur- Garia and another one to may be Sealdah via Beleghata.
    I know there were trials on the Keshtopur canal but the fault was running a Steamer Launch which is far more larger than solar water taxis....this one which i am talking about can easily swerve in the low depth canals, are eco- friendly solutions and can be made tech savvy with radio controls!
    Kindly think over it. Here is a link of a company that produces Solar Taxis for public transport... there largar versions can be used for the Ganga Ferry too.