Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Second Ticket Counter of Eco Park

As planned earlier, the second ticket counter for Eco Park started functioning from yesterday. This is adjoining the parking plaza at the Northern end. Earlier, people faced difficulty in getting into the park from the central gate after parking in the plaza which was a kilometre away. Now, one can just park and walk in through the new adjoining entrance. Here is a picture I took today afternoon:
The New Ticket Counter in Eco Park
This is near the Parking Plaza
* * *
KMDA has made a subway under the EM By Pass near the Science City / Milan Mela Ground. This will be opened to the public on 26th Jan when the Book Fair starts. I crossed EMByPass today afternoon through the subway. Here is a picture:
Subway near Book Fair Ground across EMBy Pass
The By Pass Traffic was restored today
* * *
Here is a clipping from today's Times of India:


  1. Ticket Counter looks nice.

    The success of the subway completely depends on law enforcement.
    If police starts fining people crossing overground, then automatically people will start using underpass.Also we need to create high-length dividers to stop people crossing EM Byepass.

    Otherwise nobody will take extra pain to go down and cross the road. .

    1. I found today that the new ticket counter at the northern end is catering to more people than the central counter. When I visited the eco park today at 7.30pm, about 2,700 visitors had entered the central gate today but 3,900 people had entered the north gate near parking plaza

    2. These numbers are really great and indicate the amount of popularity Eco Park has gained. Congrats !!!!!

      Another good point is that in a weekend from ticket collection and parking alone HIDCO can make around 1 lakh / per day. Thats really great because the investments have been really huge. If you plan to start renting a small portion for marriage that will also be a big "hit" like what Nalban does.

      Also great will be a mini golf course for the corporates in finance sector.

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  3. Like all underpasses and overpasses across the city the facility may remain underused if facilities like ramp or escalators are not provided at least for upward movement of people instead of stairs.