Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Flyover for connecting Baruipur

Yesterday I travelled south along E M By Pass, starting from Salt Lake, heading south, crossing Science City, Ruby Hospital, Garia Road crossing, till I reached a place called Kamalgazi. Here, a 1 km long curved flyover will be constructed. This will connect EM By Pass to Baruipur Road. In Baruipur, a township is being constructed by KMDA, who is also building this fly-over. I, along with MLA Sonarpur, CEO KMDA, CE KMDA broke coconuts to mark the start of the project on ground. It will take 18 months to be completed. Here is a photo on my camera:
Work starts for new flyover yesterday
- connecting EMByPass to Baruipur Road -
In the evening, I held a meeting with few PSUs to see how we could quicken the pace of EMBy Pass widening: Makintosh Burn, Saxby Farmer and Britania Engineering MDs were there along with CEO KMDA and CE KMDA. The PSUs will let us know their plans within a week.


  1. Appreciate that focus is there on EM Bypass widening project. As the economy rebounds, we are hopeful that more jobs shall be added, resulting in increased traffic to Sec-V and Rajarhat. New Airport is also expected to add to the number of air passengers, many of whom shall take the route to commute to and from the Airport. Added to this, Metro construction is also expected to take up about 20-30% of available road area. Hence the Bypass widening, needs priority. There was also a piece of news regarding the use of plastic waste for road-building in Kolkata. Are we considering the use of this technology for EM Bypass widening?

  2. that's very good initiative from the Govt.
    I want to highlight one issue at Akankha circle, Newtown (AA IIC). we are leaving here for last 3 years, but there are no bus stop, no traffic signal. Crossing the road is major hurdle here for pedestrians. Also, there is couple of pot holes due to loading/unloading of construction materials on the road itself. And the approach road from the MAR is full of dust/sand, walking across the road is like going through the desert.
    Appreciate, if some thing can be done to improve the condition here.

  3. Its good to see how all of the work is going on smoothly. One thing to note here is that most of the townships are coming up in the eastern part of Kolkata. There is a lot of vacant land on the western outskirts i.e. beside the NH6 and NH2 connector. Its a very good area as both the airport and the Howrah station can be reached very quickly from there. Also, the southern and norther part of the city can be reached easily. Another request, there's a need for a new bus route from Bally to Behala via NH2 connector and Santragachi.

  4. I agree that NH2-6 is a very promising area.

    1. We are really fortunate that you have started looking at the projects for EM Byepass. Kamalgazi flyover was long due. Good that we finally started the work.

      EM Byepass widening is going on for years now. We really need to complete this fast. Particularly the stretch between Science City and Kamalgazi with proper pavements and the road should be of polymer bitumen which is used by NHAI.

      Perhaps only in Kolkata, we can have thoroughfares like EMByepass and VIP Road getting neglected for years.

      Can we think of a flyover in Ruby and an underpass in Ajoy Nagar ( Santoshpur Connector) now? These places ( particularly Ruby ) are junctions of regular traffic jam during office hours. This will be challenging keeping in mind the New Garia-Airport metro route.

      Kalikapur on EM Byepass( Prince Anwar Shah Connector) is also another traffic painpoint.

      And now since you are actively looking at JNNURM projects, can we conceive of a long elevated road from Garia to Shyambazar with proper ramps at all junctions? This may sound ambitious, but can be a game changer for the city infrastructure.