Friday, January 4, 2013

Eco Park to be Closed on Mondays

The new Eco Park (Prakriti Tirtha ) is now open from 11 am to 9 pm every day. However, as in most museums and places of tourist interests, this will be closed on Mondays for maintenance and upkeep.
* * *
I held the urgent review meeting on Wednesday afternoon (2nd Jan), as scheduled. I also went around for a physical inspection with Hidco's Team yesterday. We decided on a few set of actions on a fast track basis:

1. The number of exits and entries would be increased and rationalized  The present entry point (gate no 2) will be used for exit only. New entrance & exit plazas, with car parking and ticket kiosks, will be set up on the two ends of Prakriti Tirtha. No entry would be allowed directly from the road itself. To disperse queue on ticket counter quickly, instead of the thermal paper electronic electronic machine, numbered printed coupons will be used.
2. Additional toilet facilities will be set up at the new entrance-exit places. An additional bio-toilet will be set up near Tea Junction.
3. NKDA's Solid Waste Management Team will put in additional garbage bins soon. These will be cleared twice daily. A separate sweeping and cleaning agency will be engaged.
4. Food zones will be clearly marked. Food facilities will be increased.
5. In the jetty, overcrowding will be disallowed by permitting only those who are to board the boat on the jetty. A demarcating rope will be used.
6. Adequate signage will be set up at different points.
7. Standby lighting arrangements including emergency torches will be installed. Closed circuit TV will be installed.

Here is a cutting that appeared in Anandabazar on Tuesday:


  1. Eco Park should have separate website like its details, map, entry and exit time, entrance fees, parking fees etc.

  2. Sir, its wonderful to see a park like this in Kolkata. It shows the government's commitment in making Kolkata a world class city. I have one suggestion. It would be nice to have a waterfall in the park. Every big city in the world has a famous fountain, but only a few cities have waterfall, that too totally man-made looking. A natural looking waterfall ( if possible along with a stream that will allow the water to flow into the lake) will be a unique thing for the city. It will not only be a tourist attraction but also give the city an unique identity. A 20 to 30 feet high structure will be sufficient.
    Thank you

  3. Dear Sir,

    This idea of keeping the park closed one day for maintenance is great and noble. As the tourists are coming in flocks I think close monitoring is needed to keep a check if they tend to litter the place. Also signages are needed to advise public how to keep the place neat.

    The eatery owners also must be organized and must not litter the place around. Normally in all govt parks and places people with less civic sense, take food from eatery, jaywalk and litter here and there. A fine and a stringent rules should be in place to organize the mass. Entry fee can also be made higher with a nominal amount if applicable for each passing year. This will help in generating revenue for maintenance.

    GUTKAs, PAN PAARAGS and CIGARRETTES must be banned absolutely or a separate zone should be desginated as Smoking Zone for Cigarrette if not there already.

  4. Dear Sir,

    First and foremost Happy New Year!

    I would like to suggest a small thing, yet helpful for the cleanliness and hygiene factor, also can fetch the Park authorities extra income. Put up boards regarding no smoking, no urinating in Open and no littering, if found guilty impose a fine, and the amount shall be steep, say from 500 bucks to 1000 bucks, because just by imposing 10/20 bucks or even in some cases 50 bucks people would hardly be effected, and would continue to break the rules. Hence, bigger the amount, better would be the discipline.


  5. Board has been displayed near gate of Eco Park. See this link:

    1. Thanks sir, it's great! :-)

      Today I went to the park and talked to some maintenance guys. Below are the points which came up during discussion which I think of sharing with you.

      1. As the number of visitors turning up are huge in number and that is only expected to rise, maintaining strict vigil is getting difficult for them as the number of security guards are less compared to. I asked them what you are doing if someone is sitting betel juice or spotted urinating. He smiled and aid what we can, we are only scolding, that too, if we can actually see. Conclusion: Number of security should be increased. Those who are there are doing a very good job, that's for sure.

      2> As u said, number of eco-friendly bins are needed asap as I spotted gutka packets, papers, water bottles littered here and there. The bins are already overflowing. The litter is most in the periphery of the waterbody. The place where the water meets the land needs cleanup and vigil as that is the place where all the garbage is prone to get piled up.

      3> CAR-PARKING:

      A> It was setup only in the last month and with haste. It is completely concretized and as a result a lot of greenery had to be sacrificed. It could have been built up with eco-friendly tiles with grass opening inside. Like the one used in the eco-park itself in the walkway connecting both the fountains. This type of tiles are used successfully in the car-parking of City Centre 1 also. Looks good and is eco-friendly.

      B> The size of the car-park is very very small as compared to the gathering. We can think of undergroung multi-level car-parking without sacrificing any more greenery to cater the need.

      --Finally thanks a lot sir on behalf of all the citizens for gifting Kolkatans a really nice park. Hats off to you!

  6. Excellent Park, it actually surprised me..Kids were overjoyed.
    Thanks to all of you for giving something which we can be proud off. Going forward would wait for such things :-)

    Cleanliness - It surprised me. Given the crowd I actually congratulate your team and even the crowd to be very sensitive about their park. With some Minor aberration. I have seen it to be very clean

    Some points I guess need your attention

    Parking - Rs.50/- whether you stay less than an hour or so is very expensive. Parking Management and making it one way is little illogical.

    Someone coming from HIDCO side has to be come till Nawabpur and then take a U turn to reach Car parking. Someone like me, staying in Sunrisepoint have to go to Westin Signal and take U turn to return. This need correction

    Dont-step-in-Grass - This is very ideal. Given the number of turnout all of them have to be there only on the walk-aways. Little go there to play in grass. Allow in some space for the visitors to walk on grass. I still understand that, given the crowd, it may be difficult to manage

    Overall - Excellent - When is the kid park getting inaugurated. 26th Jan 13 would be Ideal...