Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Transaction Advisor for Monorail Begins Work

Yesterday, I had a meeting with CRISIL. They have been chosen, after a bidding process, to be the Transaction Advisor and Consultant to Hidco for doing a Monorail Project in New Town on a PPP basis. UMTC from Delhi was also there. UMTC had earlier done a pre-feasibility study on the possibility of a Monorail System in New Town to cover areas that are beyond 500 metres away from the Metro Rail corridor now under construction. The idea is that the huge passenger load brought in by the Metro Rail should be able to disperse from selected stations in New Town through a Monorail corridor, designed to have 16 kms of length in two parts of 9 km and 7 km. For making the project viable, VGF (Viability Gap Funding) would be required from Govt of India under its PPP framework.
We had an in-depth discussions with Mr Rohit Chaturvedi, Director CRISIL and Mr Saurabh Suneha Associate Director of CRISIL. They are based in Mumbai and Delhi. The Delhi office would co-ordinate with DEA, GoI, Planning Commission, MoUD and UMTC. And, of course, in Mumbai, there is already a monorail that is being built.


  1. Another good project.
    Sir, we also need this kind projects in other parts of Kolkata. There should be some kind of mass transport system that can accommodate the passengers of the Metro and also the suburban rail. In fact rail based transport system should be three tier, 1st- Suburban rail system, which will carry passengers from far-flung suburbs e.g Bardhman, Bandel etc. 2nd- Metro, that can carry passengers from near suburbs like Srirampore Barrackpore etc and 3rd- light rail or mono rail (which ever is cost-effective) which could run short distance, both in the core area of the city and also in some of the thickly populated suburbs. I know its asking for a lot, but if proper planning is done right from now, we can have a good MRTS in the next decade. Now at-least the connection with the metro stations using light rail in some of the more crowded station could be done.
    Thank You

  2. Sir,

    Great progress.Any update on converting the tram tracks of Kolkata to LRT ? Few days ago I heard in some bengali news channel that tram tracks will be removed and elevated tracks will be created by building flyovers and Central govt. is ready to provide the fund for this this project.This will make the roads free of trams and vehicle speed will also increase.

  3. Thanks Sir for driving such initiatives...hope that it goes till conclusion...we all are in a wait for a better Kolkata that can compete with (and surpass!) Mumbai and Delhi in all aspects - in some of which we are already a leader and the rest depends on the Govt. and few persons like you...keep going for Kolkata, we are with you in some way or the other.

  4. Superb....just too good an update. This is what we need in a futuristic city.

    What I feel is monorail will be needed the most in AA-3 from Rabindra Tirtha to all the way down to PWD Road and Kolkata Leather complex. I think this alone will be around 15 km+. This will not only connect the IT Zones of Bantala and Rajarhat but will also help people working in ITC Infotech and students of St Xaviers upcoming campus.

    This improvised infrastructure can also help in luring investments in Saporji Palanji SEZ of 50 acres in AA3 and may prompt them to start construction.

  5. it's very good if it will be done! but many people come chingrihat for rajarhat facing much problem. those people come rajarhat and sector-v spent much time in chingrihat. because there have no regular and good transport to rajarhat. though there have auto and bus but their timing is so bad! i think we need a tram or light rail system chingrihat to rajarhat via sector-v.

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