Sunday, January 27, 2013

Kolkata Eye

Minister Hakim and I had met Mr Simon Eliot at London during our last visit. Today he came to Kolkata and visited the Eco Park. Here is a photo taken at noon today:
Simon Eliot with Officers of Hidco at Eco Park
Tomorrow Mr Eliot is scheduled to visit Millennium Park on Hoogly Riverfront. We are now considering a site on the Kolkata bank, near the entrance to the Millennium Park. I visited the site recently and requested KMDA to make a survey of the site with dimensions so that engineers can see how to fit in the Kolkata Eye. Here is the site map made by KMDA: I will discuss the matter with Principal Secretary Tourism Mr Vikram Sen tomorrow afternoon:

In the morning, I participated in the "Run for Change: Great Sarobar Run 2013". It was a great experience meeting a lot of interesting personalities. Here is a picture:
Minister Firhad Hakim, Ms Ananya, Me
In the evening, there was cultural event at Rabindra Tirtha. Here is a photo of the classical violin recital:


  1. Saw the site map. Can we have a little wider promenade. The walkway in front of Marine Drive Bombay is much much wider than 22 feet planned here. Also the place is going to become really crowded after Kolkata eye becomes operational.

    Do not have much idea about civil construction work but is the proposed site of width 10 m wide enough?

    1. Sir,

      any plans of widening / beautification / building flyover in Strand Road? Otherwise it will be a mess when Kolkata Eye starts functioning.

    2. The Vivekananda Road Flyover being constructed starts from Strand Road but not near Millennium Park but rather near old Mint Building

  2. Can we formalize the boating on Ganga in a little managed way?
    Today it appears there are individual or unions control it and is not a very pleasant experience for outsiders if they cannot negotiate well. Also, not sure what kind of safety measures are enforced on them.
    Same works for Horse-cart riding near is such a nice thing brings back old Kolkata memory, but no formal way to get the service is noticed. You need a local guide/person/relative to help you. I even saw Police making money from Horse-cart owners and abusing those poor fellows.

  3. When can we expect the kolkata eye to come up ?

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