Thursday, January 31, 2013

NKDA's Health Centre

Dr C Sarkar joined today in NKDA and sat at the New Town Health Centre, housed in the temporary container office of New Town. This was a temporary site office used earlier by the engineering wing of Hidco. A Nurse and a para-medic also joined. Here is a picture that I took today morning:
* * *
Here is a clipping from Khabar 365 that appeared few days ago:


  1. I had expected some update about financial hub today. Found no update. Was sad. Went to HIDCO website.

    Found the latest EOI document for the plots in Finance hub.

    The last date has been revised again from 31st Jan to 16th April. This is really sad.

    Also till now, no delegation came from London.

  2. Mr James Bear has just communicated that he has agreed to be an Advisor to Hidco for its Financial Hub Project but that he can't come in January. We will soon finalise the date of his visit.

    Few other FIs have expressed interest but have requested for a little more time. Hence the extension.

    1. Thanks for the good words. seems at least some hope is there.

      The migration of educated bengali boys to other states continue till date in an uninterrupted way. Any economically vibrant city is characterized by the amount of inward migration and cosmopolitan nature of the city and we all know where Kolkata figures in that parameter.

      All ready we have enough problems of last 3.5 decades, petty day to day politics, hawkers , poverty, land acquisition etc etc.

      Finance hub seemed to be a big hope in terms of job generation. Lets not have administrative hassles here and do a high-pitched all round the globe marketing to make it a thriving place in a few years from now.