Sunday, January 20, 2013

Chou, Kite and Balloon

This evening at Rabindra Tirtha, a performance of Chou Dance was staged by artists from Purulia. This group has won President's medal too. This was organised through the Information and Cultural Affairs Department. A photo:

Earlier in the day, a kite festival was held at Eco Park. This was done by Benchmak Developers, who organised the event without any cost to Hidco or Govt. Here is a photo of a hot air balloon:
Although the balloon could not fly because of strong breeze (that helped the kites fly though) as it would drift away without control, seeing the balloon being inflated with gas fired guns was quite interesting.


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  2. Sir, We did fly the bigger hot air balloon at later part of the evening session,Only mother nature was not in support with us....
    It was a pleasure to do HOT AIR BALLOONING in my hometown............................ THANKS A LOT to all the personnel behind this project of ECO-PARK

  3. The government should try to organize an international folk dance festival in the same way it organizes international film festival. Folk dances have been entertaining people from all over the world since ancient times. Folk dances are actually the forefathers of the Cinema and Theater. But now as Cinema has become more popular, the folk dance artists are suffering a lot. An international folk dance festival will surely go a long way to help these artists. It will create an international platform for the local artists.

    1. Organisations like EZCC / ICCR are doing a good job in this field, I understand