Friday, January 11, 2013

Sculpture in New Town Island

I did my morning walk today at the Eco Park (Prakriti Tirtha), seeing the sun rise over the horizon. On earlier occasions I'd seen the sun set across the lake in the Eco Park: I think of the jetty as Sunset Point: maybe we will put up a board to that effect there some time.
The morning shift of the security was relieving the night shift of park guards. A supervisor said that they require more guards. Another said that we should inform the people that the Park is closed on Mondays: I think we'll place a small advertisement this Sunday.

On my way back, I took the photo of the new sculpture that has been just installed in the second rotary:
 * * *
Here is a cutting from today's Telegraph:

And here is a clipping that appeared in yesterday's Times of India:

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  1. 1. The number of urban markets, malls, buses are not adequate in New Town.
    2. When the international bus depot is going to start?
    3. Many projects are not getting finished on time, they are kept on dragging without any specific end date. You may start indulging in getting penalties from the builders who don't complete projects on time.
    4. Minimum daily/monthly/yearly entry fee to use the park in New town should be thought about.
    5. Underpass or footbridge may be required at main signals like Rabindra tirtha to prevent traffic congestion