Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekend festival in Rabindra Tirtha

Yesterday, there was a brilliant play staged by the students of Rabindrabharati university at Rabindra Tirtha. Before that, there was a set of Rabindra Sangeets by them. Here is a photo:
Saturday Programme at Rabindra Tirtha
-- Targeting cultural events every weekend --
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We published an advertisement on Eco Park today. Here is it:

And here is a report appearing in today's Times of India on Eco Park. Suman Chakraborty spoke to me about this.
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Here is a clipping from today's Anandabazar:

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Here is another sculpture that has been installed in New Town. This one is near Hidco Bhavan:


  1. Sir,

    The ECO Park really needs attention with respect to the parking facility and adequate directions to the same. Yesterday around 12 Noon, I drove to the park. At the crossing where I could have taken the service lane, I was asked by the Police Volunteer to continue down the main road and take the next opening. I drove for about 5-6 kms and then found and opening. I realized that I had to unnecessarily drive for 4-5 kms. I was near the children's park. I dropped my wife and small kids at the children's park and went to park my car at the lot adjacent to the children's park only to realize that the children's park was not ready. The sign board stating that the park was not ready was lying on the ground so not visible from the service road.
    To park the vehicle at the lot, I was supposed to drive to the main entrance of ECO Park, get off, purchase tickets, get back to the car, drive about a km, park and then walk back to the park. Not sure if that is possible with having elderly or small children with you. In fact the staff at the parking lot also agreed that the process was bad but they could not do anything about it. I think this needs to be looked into. You can keep a ticket counter at the parking lot itself. Adequate directions and information of the right directions should be provided to the police volunteers who are stationed along the road.
    Would like to add, the 2 operating toilets need to be kept clean. There should be someone cleaning the place up every hour. Also, the path up to the toilet should be paved. The last few paces to the toilet are beyond the paved pathway and you need to walk on the soft and muddy earth.

    But the ECO Park is being done well and once complete, it will be a great place to visit with family. Also, would like to know by when the children's park will be ready.

    1. Thanks Tanvir for giving a detailed description of the problems. Hope HIDCO resolves the issues soon.

      Parking and toilets definitely seem to be a big problem. Hope we soon have an underground perkomat.

  2. Sir,
    Request you to add more attractions to the park. "Underwater World" which is maintained by International standard private organisation will be good choice. Also musical fountain and laser show near flower garden will also be good.


  3. Sir,

    The sculptures are really adding to the beauty. They look awesome. Hope we have more of such sculpture workshops in future.

    Came across the GIFT Ahmedabad news in Economic Times.

    1. IFSC status seems to be a big catalyst to draw investment in financial sector.Can we have this in New Town financial hub?

    2. Dena Bank seems to be keenly interested in Ahmedabad finance hub. As far as I remember, they showed interest in New Town as well. Can we get them in this round?

  4. Was going through HIDCO website. Saw this tender.

    Can we widen or build an elevated road on this to construct alternate connectivity with Basanti Expressway, at least after the Panchayet Elections?

  5. 1. The number of urban markets, malls, buses are not adequate in New Town.
    2. When the international bus depot is going to start?
    3. Many projects are not getting finished on time, they are kept on dragging without any specific end date. You may start indulging in getting penalties from the builders who don't complete projects on time.
    4. Minimum daily/monthly/yearly entry fee to use the park in New town should be thought about.
    5. Underpass or footbridge may be required at main signals like Rabindra tirtha to prevent traffic congestion

  6. Can you please help us to know where the stations for New-Garia to Airport metro rail are going to be located?