Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Passenger Information System in New Town

Today, we had a meeting with IT service providers, bus operators and transport department representatives at Hidco.The objective was to explore how to device a Passenger Information Service so that passengers in bus stands of New Town would know when the next bus is due to come by seeing a LCD scroll board.
It seems, while the technology is not at all difficult, maintenance and servicing in real-life bus conditions is an issue. We will think of the best way forward by not paying for the equipment but the service (with a given amount of uptime).
It was also agreed that like railway stations, in 4-5 key locations in New Town, digital information boards will be set up that will give details of bus routes and scheduled time tables. This may not use real-time GPS / RFID tracking but provide relevant information to all users.
* * *
Today, the UD Department has issued a notification stating that Shri Sisir Adhikary, MP is the Chairman of Digha Sankarpur Development Authority. In another notification, Mr Arup Saha has been designated the CEO of KMDA.


  1. We will definitely miss you as chairman of DSDA. :-(

    At least till now, we had great hopes that situation in the coastal region will improve vastly and from now on, at least I am going to be a little uncertain about the future of the projects planned in DSDA.

    But thanks Sir, a lot, for the great work done so far.

  2. Mysore municipality has real time bus traffic information system for its Volvo fleet. You might want to check that out.

    Please see this links: (supported by MoUD, GOI)

    And something interesting from Bangalore too -


    PS: would love to see that in our NewTown...

  3. On "while the technology is not at all difficult, maintenance and servicing in real-life bus conditions is an issue"....
    I think both are important, but maintenance is rightly identified as the issue as that is often takes back seat after initial launch with much funfair.
    At the same time, we should not shy away from getting the "latest and greatest" technology for a futuristic city like Newtown which may permit some kind of experiments at this stage.
    "maintenance and servicing" should also include plan and provisioning for up-gradation (for example, maintenance contracts at times include free or low-cost upgrade to latest of technologies with servicing) to buffer against risk of becoming obsolete soon.

  4. Can you provide us with the list of buses, with routes/route numbers by HIDCO?

    1. AH 101 Kalighat-New Town via Gariahat.

  5. I wish to visit the eco park however, since shuttle buses are not available from chingrihata-bypass or from hudco or haldiram on VIP Rd. to eco park, I am reluctant to take my family out. Waiting at a bus stop for a long time in a lonely place like New Town will invite eve teasers...hence shuttle mini buses having hourly service on holidays will be a boon for visitors. Now only those who come by car can reach the park easily.Two decades ago Nicco park initially provided shuttle services from Gariahat, Park Circus and other places till public transport services picked up. P.G.

  6. We are trying to have a bus shuttle. Transport Department has already been requested.

    1. Thank You! If something can be arranged before summer it will be good. Let us hope for the best. P.Ghosh

    2. Maybe these shuttle buses can be dedicated for Eco-park on weekends and holidays, but also cover Unitech, DLF etc. during the morning and evening rush hours. Possible starting points could be - Ultadanga-Chingrighata / Airport-VIP-Haldirams

  7. Dear Sir,

    Since installation of digital boards at all bus stops might be expensive, it would be great if a QR-code is provided that can be scanned via smartphone and then the relevant info (real-time or just time table based) for that stop will be displayed. For persons using regular phone, they should be able to SMS their stop-id to a number and the info would be sent back to their phone via SMS.

    It would also be great to have a website (run by transport department, ad-supported) to provide online timetables for all bus routes in the Kolkata metropolitan area. It should provide information on trams as well.

    Also, I noticed that google transit now features several bus routes, but the WBSTC AC buses (Marcopolo and Volvo) and HIDCO routes seem to be missing. It would be great if those can be added as well.


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