Sunday, December 2, 2012

Gate in Rabindra Tirtha

A new gate was installed in Rabindra Tirtha yesterday. Here is a photo:
Blue LED lights on gate; poem on gate
* * *
Bengal Builds ended yesterday. The Hidco stall as it stood before closing:
I delivered the vote of thanks on the conclusion of the conclave.
Here is a clipping from today's Pratidin:


  1. Sir,

    Can you please give the link to the regeneration report on West Bengal that was published by UK India Trade Council during your visit.

    If its not uploaded in web, can you please get it uploaded here.

  2. I believe that it is not yet published in the web.

  3. Sir,

    Can you please enlighten us on the progress or the outcome of "Bengal Builds" in a nutshell.
    Like: new projects planned/proposed/undertaken.

    1. I think a documentation is being prepared by the organisers