Monday, December 31, 2012

Hugely successful New Town Winter Festival closes

Yesterday, the 5-day Winter Fest at Rabindra Tirtha closed. It was a huge success. When I reached there at 6pm or so, all seats were occupied and many were waiting outside, patiently, enjoying the landscape and beautiful illumination. Even before I entered, I could guess from the long queue of cars parked outside that the hall must be full. Day before yesterday also the hall was full: I reached there after the inaugural function of Eco Tourism and saw the second half of a hilarious play that was being staged.
Sukumar Ray's Lakshaner Shaktishel was the last play. Brilliantly costumed children staged the play where the dialogues and sound effects were pre-recorded and the actors played out their parts with finesse. Here is a photo:
Lakshaner Shaktishel at Rabindra Tirtha on 30th Dec 12
Even as the play ended and the 5-day event drew to a close, people seemed to linger on in the hall, hesitating  before going out in the cold, away from the community called New Town into their respective homes. I mentioned that next year we could have an one-act competition. And of course, we'd have Basanta Utsav, Rabindra-Najrul celebration, Bijoya Sanmilini in between.

Many residents, while leaving, thanked us for organising this event. I am thankful to all of them.

* * *
SMPAi, Samrat's Troupe, will give a fusion performance at Eco Park at 6pm on New Year's Day. All are welcome.


  1. Was in Kolkata and passed by Eco Park on 1st Jan....looks like an instant hit with long queue of cars, lots of children playing and big crowd. It appears After Alipore Zoo, Science City etc. , Kolkata got another destination - Eco Park. HIDCO needs to think about how to provide comfort to visitors in summer and under sun and make it a round-the-year fun and "to-go" place.

    1. Summer and Sun reminded me of my visit to Universal Studios at LA - there is a cool mist sprayed above the corrals where people wait in line...Although it is hot there are various areas that offer mist spraying to keep you cool. May be we can think something similar apart from some resting places. Not sure if humidifiers can work in our humid environment - may be something can be explored about....

    2. Some of us also have seen mist spraying inside aircraft as indoor is a video of outdoor use:!
      Again, local weather condition needs to be technically consulted to check if applicable.

    3. Very very nice idea Avick.