Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snow Park, Water Sports and Coffee Parlour in Digha

I reached Digha a little while ago. Today, DSDA has invited bids through publication of Expressions of Interest for:
(a) A Snow Park
(b) Water Sports and
(c) Cofee cum Ice Cream Parlour.

Here is a clipping from today's Times of India:
Tomorrow I will hold kick-off meeting on Digha Beach Festival (likely to start on 18th Jan 2012) and also flag off World Bank funded drainage scheme at Digha.


  1. Very good updates, particularly the world bank funded drainage scheme .

    From this year, can we start keeping a count of the tourists visiting the areas under DSDA. This will help us in getting data for a year - on - year increase of tourist arrivals.

    You did not mention about the motor glider project which is supposed to start on 26th December. Bartaman carried out an article on this today.

    Also can you please post some updates for Mandamani, Sankarpur, Tajpur?

    Hope we get the forest department approval for the deer park soon.

  2. Also Digha Gate construction updates are long due.

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