Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Revision of Income Ceilings by Govt of India

I received memo no. I-14012/59/2005.H-II/FTS-1465 dated 14.11.2012 of Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation (MoHUPA). This has considered the following factors:

1. CPI: Consumer Price Index
2. CFPI: Consumer Food Price Index
3. PCI: Growth in Per Capita Income
4. RESIDEX: National Housing Bank's property price tracking index
5. MWAG: Minimum Wages for Non-Agricultural Workers, and
6. MPCE: Monthly per capita expenditure.

Based on this, they have revised the income ceilings with respect to EWS (Economically Weaker Section) and LIG (Lower Income Group):

1. For EWS: Rs. 1 lakh as household income per annum
2. For LIG: Above Rs. 1 lakh to Rs 2 lakh per household income per annum

Of course, this will have to be formally examined by the State Govt for adoption.
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Here is a clipping from today's Times of India:

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And here is a clipping from today's Ebela:


  1. Good step. Many more people can be brought under EWS and LIG but we have to keep up pace with the development of housing for them.

    I have also heard about that school of thought.

    I am not sure how effective is RAY or BSUP as we still keep on seeing lakhs of families along railway lines and in Kolkata Slums. May be the progress is too slow or may be the influx is much more than the pace in which we progress in RAY or BSUP homes.

    So perhaps we need to take more aggressive steps.

    What I heard as well as saw in Bombay was that suppose a slum redevelopment is happening and and there are 6-7 towers that are coming up, then 1-2 towers are getting reserved by the builders for the original slum dwellers and the builder themselves are creating corpus for say 25-30 years of maintenance fee for these flats ( from their profits), so that the slum dwellers dont need to take care of that.

  2. Sir,

    Any update about Financial Hub ( Iconic building, fresh investments etc). This is one area, other than New Town Development news, for whose update, I think, every blog reader of yours wait for.

  3. Sir, Regarding the article of Dec 04, 2012 in TOI wherein it is mentioned that the FAR for entire state is proposed to be revised. The proposal is under consideration of the State Cabinet. Will this include the residential plots in Salt Lake as well?