Friday, December 14, 2012

Karunamoyee Bus Terminus, Salt Lake

The Karunamoyee Bus Terminus is the most busy bus exchange of Salt Lake. Not only local buses but also long distance ones commence their journeys from here. However, the area is quite dialidated and needs special repairs and renovation. From UD Department, we have just have got a technical plan and estimate prepared for this. The estimated amount is just over Rs 2 crores. I will now send it for financial sanction, make budget provisions and then ask Chief Engineering Advisor (UD) to call for tenders. These may take a little time but I hope we can start the work by this financial year.
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Here are a few clippings that appeared recently:



  1. Dear Mr. Sen,
    I just went through the RFP for new website. I am happy to see that you and the other stakeholders have agreed to upgrade your existing website. I am equally pleased to see that RFP outlines many points which were highlighted by several readers of this blog at different times.

    If I may suggest, you could think of developing an android app for the finance hub microsite; which would help users directly access content.

    Good luck!

  2. Please see today's post: an ad has also appeared...I'll ask my System Manager about android apps, but can you please be more specific by giving examples of what you have in mind?

  3. Sure Sir!
    1. The entire micro-site content; should be made available on the new app - user would pull information based on the highlights in the app.
    2. The app user should be able to fetch information on tenders/ EOIs related to the hub;
    3. In case you have any authentication driven service (like tracking requests, queries etc.); that should be handled by the app as well.
    4. The content should be auto-updated; the moment user enables his internet service in the mobile phone
    5. There should be provision of auto-upgrade; in case the app version is revised.

    I have seen my bosses at Infosys/TCS/IBM use primarily BB; but nowadays, many of my senior managers are going the Android way. Some of my customers use iPhone as well.
    In phase two; you may consider providing BB/Windows/Apple based apps as well.

    *** Value - add by this app to the user ***
    1. Content could be 'pulled' based on the requirements; time-saving for corporate honchos
    2. Automatic feeds/updates provide information right into their phone; customers wouldn't need to go to the website
    3. Super busy people (expected demography of the Finance hub customers) look for 30-sec updates; rather than a detailed content in website as they don't have time.
    For example, (heard from one of my managers) - customers prefer Gartner's magic square analysis instead of going through pages and pages of detailed report. The app would target this segment and provide a very good first impression.

    *** What Finance Hub gains ***
    1. Ability to reach to a larger audience in shorter span of time - a key to success in today's world
    2. Good first impression would make them 'come back' to the website for detailed study.

    I am sure that other esteemed readers of this blog would provide further suggestions related to this. Overall, the content should be rich and lucid. Content is the key!