Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sculpture in Action Area II

Yet another sculpture from the Sculpture Workshop has been installed. This is in Ation Area II, not far from City Centre II. Here is a photo:

Sculptor: Samir Aich
* * *
Here is a cutting from today's Times of India:


The following clipping is from Ekdin dated 28th Dec 2012


  1. Wow !!! This sculpture also looks great. Besides N-S MAR , can we also get these type of sculptures installed in the various parks planned in New Town, along E-W MAR as well as in the internal roads of New Town.

    Also we are eagerly waiting for the following things:

    (a) Installation of garbage bins at regular intervals in the roads of New Town and towns under DSDA jurisdiction.In coastal towns, if we do it, beaches will look far more clean.

    (b) Digha- Mandarmani Coastal Road

    (c) Rainwater Harvesting and solar panels in all new residential and commercial building in New Town and the neighbourhood mouzas.

    (d) Regular positive updates about the Finance Hub

    (e) Update on old Digha-New Digha Ropeway project ( I hope ICZM did not object)

  2. Old Digha- New Digha Ropeway project is hit by CRZ restrictions, it seems