Saturday, December 1, 2012

Transfer Fees Reduced

The UD Department has issued notification no. 5081-UD/ O/M /SL(AL/NR) / 8L/ 2004 dated 26 Nov 2012 permission fees for transfer of leasehold land in respect of non-residential land (industrial or commercial) in Salt Lake has been reduced considerably. Earlier, the fees levied were 50% of market value. Now it is Rs 3 lakh per kottah in respect of industrial land and Rs. 6 lakh per kottah for commercial land.
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Preparations for eco-park are going on in full swing. I held an inspection yesterday. Here is a photo:
Sculptor-Artist making plant pots for Eco Park
 at site of Eco Park itself
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I spoke at the Bengal Builds conclave yesterday. Ministers Firhad Hakim, Partha Chatterjee and Subrata Mukherjee also spoke. Here is a photo:

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Here is a clipping from today's Pratidin:
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Engineering wing of UD Department is busy renovating UD Guest House at Salt Lake for making it fit for opertation of Commissions of Inquiry set up by Home Department. Here is a cutting from today's Telegraph:


  1. Sir, with reference to the article on Pratidin about increase of FAR in Rajarhat Newtown.
    Hope you can share with us the decisions taken by HIDCO in this regard.

  2. The Board approved it but advised that clearances should be given on a case-to-case basis after ensuring that adequate infrastructure was in place. Only commercial buildings will be taken up first

  3. Increasing FAR and reduction of transfer fees: both were really nice ideas. Also nice to hear that clearance will be given after checking the adequate infrastructure.

    Thanks for the quick completion of ECO Park in New Town. This was a real massive project. Hope we are going to have different weekly events there like recitation, open air play , bangla band performance etc. Also needed are good restaurants and bars / pubs.

    Can we have a nice website of this Eco Park like the one New York Central Park has.

    People should have the option of subscribing to weekly newsletters from the website so that they can get a notification of the upcoming events in the Eco Park, in the week ahead and plan their personal calendars accordingly.