Friday, December 21, 2012

Rs 41 crore drainage works start at Digha

Under the World Bank aided ICZM (Integrated Coastal Zone Management) programme, there are a few components. One of these is a storm water drainage network. The selected agency today started the work. It is a Rs 41 crore project and expected to be completed by 24 months. I unveiled a plaque on the ground. Here is a picture:
I also liked the new viewing gallery near Saikatabas. Here is a picture:
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Here is a pair of clippings from today's Telegraph (Salt Lake):
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Finally a clipping from today's Bartaman (retrieved from the web):
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The Digha Beach Festival is likely to be held from 16th January. There will be two venues: One at Old Digha and one at New Digha

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  1. Its good that we started on the storm water drainage project. I think we should also start planning for the Underground sewerage as well as the purified drinking water system. Funding agency as well as ICZM should not be having problem with this. As of now, borewells and tubewells are quite common in our coastal areas where the water is salty and heavy in Iron contents.

    If we can have an integrated sea water desalination project for Tajpur, Mandarmani, Sankarpur as well as Digha, I think it will be a great achievement.

    Read in TOI that paragliding is going to start in Digha from next week. This is a very good news.

    Thanks for HIDCO doing a fast work on giving land to St Xaviers.

    Wish we do the same for ITC Infotech , now that it has got approval from the state cabinet.